Tele-OPD How To for Mekahara Raipur Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Hospital

12 patients consulted with physicians on second day of virtual tele OPD service

Raipur, 06 May 2021 In Mekhara, Raipur, during this crisis of corona, a virtual tele-OPD was launched with the objective of providing health advice to the people through experts at home. 12 patients took advantage of the service on the second day. These people obtained their advice directly from the experts by telling their problems through video calls from different parts of the state. Dr. DP from the Department of Medicine on the first day Lakra, Dr. Vinit Jain from Orthopedic Department, Dr. RK from Respiratory (Respiratory) Disease Department. Panda, Dr. MK from the Department of Psychiatry. Sahu and Dr. Vinod Kosale from the Department of Dermatology resolved the health problems of the patients.
      Virtual opd In Ambedkar Hospital, doctors can take health care services directly from the hospitals of Ambedkar Hospital by connecting online from 10:30 am to 11:30 pm daily except on holiday day through smartphone and internet.

Virtual OPD via link Can be joined at URL 

You need to enter following
Meeting ID 947 1420 8087
Passcode: 123456

        If a person is having difficulty in connecting through this link, 0771- 2890079 information can be obtained by calling the telephone number.
    At the Cal Center today, a patient from Balod district gave information about his family and said that he is currently in home isolation and wants to hospitalize him. At the same time the operator receiving the call gave information about the empty oxygen bed of the hospitals of Balod and asked to shift the ambulance from 108 number which gave immediate relief to the patient. Similarly, the post kovid related problem of a patient of Raipur district was also resolved. Caller patients are also being informed about the corona related symptoms.

When was Tele-OPD aka Virtual OPD Inaugurated
​​​​​​​Tele-OPD service started in Ambedkar Hospital from today through video conferencing: free consultation being provided through specialist doctors.

Raipur 5 May 2021 Keeping in mind the corona epidemic infection, Tele OPD service started today through video conferencing at Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital Raipur. Under this, expert doctors provided free consultation through the Tele Consultation Center. On the first day, 9 people got the benefit of this special facility. This facility, which was started with the objective of providing home-based health counseling to people in the wake of corona infection, involves people directly connecting with specialist doctors at home, through fever, weakness, nervousness, insomnia and corona-positive, through smartphone phones and the Internet. Done people communicated. After getting to know their problems, expert doctors advised them for diet, yoga, meditation, regular routine, walking, keeping themselves busy, as well as medicines and tests as needed.
    By joining this virtual tele OPD service launched by the Health Department of the State Government, people can get health related counseling daily (excluding government holidays) daily from 10.30 am to 11.30 am.