Tendu leaves purchased in Narayanpur district from May 5, 2021

About 17 thousand tendu leaf collectors of the district will be paid 9 crore 24 lakh rupees

Narayanpur, 1 May 2021 Like every year in the district, Tendupatta will be collected this year by the District Small scale Cooperative Association Maryadit Narayanpur. This year, the tendu patta collection rate has been fixed at Rs. 4 thousand per standard bag.

Out of 12 lots of primary forest produce cooperative societies, 7 lots are to be departmentally collected in 5 lots due to advance sale and 5 lots are not available under District Narayanpur. The collection target of 8 Primary Forest Produce Cooperative Societies is set at 23100 standard bags under District Union Narayanpur, 9 crore 24 lakh estimated amount will be paid through bank account to about 17 thousand tendupatta collectors of Narayanpur area.

This will provide the means of income from the employment available to the villagers in the lockdown period. Tendu leaf collection work will start from May 5 in Narayanpur forest division.