Terminated cop is nat taken back in service: Minister Shanti Kumar Dhariwal

Police inspector sacked for corruption charges not taken back in state service
 - Minister of Parliamentary Affairs

Jaipur, 3 March 2021. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Kumar Dhariwal said in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday that the case of police inspector accused of corruption is currently under consideration in the court. He said that the concerned police inspector was dismissed from the state service by the disciplinary officer from 29 January 2020 and has not yet been withdrawn from the state service.

In the written answer to the original question of MLA Shri Bharat Singh Kundanpur during the Question Hour Shri Dhariwal said that the announcement made by the State Government on para number 180 in the budget speech for the year 2019-20 was in relation to zero tolerance. He said that on 22 November 2016, a challan has been submitted in the court against the police inspector and others against the corruption investigation filed by the Anti-Corruption Bureau in case of indictment number 293/2014. The case is currently sub judice.

Shri Dhariwal informed that he was dismissed from the state service from 29 January 2020 by the disciplinary officer after he found the conduct of the police inspector unsuitable and indecent in the expectation of a public servant. Against this order, on the submission of appeal to the Appellate Officer (Home Department) under Rule 23 of the Rajasthan Civil Services (Classification Control and Appeal) Rules, 1958, the appellant's appeal was accepted by the Appellant and the penal order given by the Disciplinary Officer, January 29 The order on 2020 was set aside by 30 December 2020.

He informed that the Inspector of Police has not been taken back to the state service by the disciplinary officer and a review petition has been submitted to the Governor against this appeal under Rule 34 of the Rajasthan Civil Services (Classification Control and Appeal) Rules, 1958, which are taken into account.