Three brave children of Chhattisgarh selected for Bravery Award

Governor will be awarded at state level function on Republic Day

Kumari Unnati Sharma of Raipur, Kumari Janvi Rajput of Kurud and Chiranjeev Durgesh Sonkar of Khudmuda will be honored for their courage and understanding.

Approval by Jury Committee under the chairmanship of Minister Smt. Bhendia

Raipur, 11 January 2021

The Jury Committee meeting for the State Bravery Award 2020-21 was organized on 11 January in the presence of the Minister of Women and Child Development, Smt. Anila Bhendia and in the presence of Mr. Brijmohan Aggarwal, Executive Chairman of Chhattisgarh State Child Welfare Council. Three brave children of the state have been selected for the State Bravery Award 2020-21 by the Jury Committee of Chhattisgarh State Child Welfare Council at the meeting. Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uike will felicitate the selected children in the state level main function held on January 26, Republic Day in the capital by awarding cash prize money of Rs 15,000, citation and medal. Scholarships will also be given to the awarding boys and girls as per rules. The children selected for the award include 12-year-old Kumari Unnati Sharma of Tikrapara in Raipur district, father Mr. Dr. Hemant Sharma, 12-year-old Kumari Janavi Rajput, resident of Kurud in Dhamtari district, father Mr. Bharat Bhushan Rajput and Chiranjeev Durgesh, resident of Khudmuda village in Durg district. Sonkar's father is the late Mr. Rohit Kumar Sonkar.

    Director of Women and Child Development Department Smt. Divya Umesh Mishra, Brigadier Colonel Rakesh Budhni from NCC State Cell, Additional Collector Mrs. Padmini Bhoi, General Secretary of Chhattisgarh State Child Welfare Council, Dr. Ashok Tripathi and Joint Secretary Mrs. Indira Jain were present.

Story of bravery and introduction of courageous children selected for State Bravery Award 2020-21

    1. Kumari Unnati Sharma - Dr. Meena Sharma, wife of Dr. Hemant Kumar Sharma, resident of RDA Colony Tikrapara of Raipur, along with her 11-year-old daughter Kumari Unnati Sharma and her two-and-half-year-old son Srihan in Vasundhara Vihar Raipur, his brother Mr. Manish Dubey She went home. On March 13, 2020, Kumari Unnati's maternal uncle left for the job. Unnati's mother Dr. Meena Sharma also went to school as a teacher. It was only Advani and his younger brother Srihan at home. In the afternoon when Srihan slept, Unnati was playing with the children outside the house. While playing, the children suddenly noticed that smoke was coming out of Unnati's maternal uncle's house. The smoke had increased a lot. The voice of Unnati's younger brother Srihan was coming from inside the house. Balika Unnati, losing no time, went inside the house and switched off the main switch of electricity and ran to the room where Srihan was crying. She came out, carrying her younger brother in her lap, and called her home, Mr. Hitendra Tiwari, who lived about 200 meters away, by giving information from mobile. By then the fire had spread in the kitchen of the house. Neighbors were hesitant to go inside the house. On arrival of the wart Mr. Hitendra Tiwari, Unnati along with him extinguished the house fire.

    A big incident averted with the understanding of Kumari Unnati. The flames could not increase and along with the house the colony also survived the flames. Like a kitchen was completely burnt, but Unnati saved her younger brother's life by his courage. MLA Paschim Raipur, Police Station Incharge of DD Nagar Raipur, Ward Councilor and Principal of the school sent a proposal for gallantry award praising the courage of Kumari Unnati. Considering Kumar Unnati Sharma's courage, quick decision-making and prudence, it was recommended by the Raipur Collector to give him the Bravery Award.

    2. Kumari Janvi Rajput- Chiranjeev Shivansh Rajput, 5-year-old son of Shri Bharat Bhushan Rajput, resident of Kargil Chowk, Kurud in Dhamtari district, was playing on the terrace of his house at 11.30 am on 15 August 2019. The roof height is 14.05 feet. While playing, Shivansh was struck by the electric wire passing through the roof. Her mother and sister also fell away with electric shock while trying to save Shivansh. Shivansh was yearning with an electric wire. At the same time, Shivavi's 12-year-old elder sister Janvi Rajput, working with quickness, lifted the bamboo in the roof and started hitting the wire with great force. This left Shivansh with an electric wire but fell down from the roof. Sister Janvi, showing quick judgment and courage, grabbed Shivansh's hand and pulled him up and saved his life.

    Kumari Janvi's courage was praised by the ward councilor and the principal reader of her school, and the Collector and Superintendent of Police of Dhamtari district recommended Kumari Janvi to be given the gallantry award, keeping in mind the courage and wisdom of Kumari Janvi.

    3. Chiranjeev Durgesh Kumar Sonkar- Mr. Bala Sonkar, resident of Khudmuda village in Durg district, was sleeping with his family in his farm house on 21 December 2020. In the night, Mr. Bala Sonkar, wife Dulari Bai, his son Mr. Rohit and daughter-in-law Mrs. Kirti Sonkar were killed by the accused. Mr. Rohit's 11-year-old son studying in Class V woke up after hearing shouts and screams. Due to some unknown fears, Durgesh's child was worried about the safety of his three younger brothers. He covered his brothers with sacks of vegetables, so that the killer did not lose sight of the innocent and all were saved safely.

    After hearing his mother's scream, his mother came running, 

Reached to Seeing the mother soaked with blood, he started crying, then the accused hit his head twice against the wall of the house for the purpose of killing Durgesh, which caused blood from Durgesh's head and he fell to the ground unconscious. . The killer felt Durgesh was killed, after which he escaped from the spot. The search is on by the police. On 22 December Tuesday morning, the auto driver, who arrived at the scene to fetch vegetables, informed the villagers and the police about the incident.

    Due to the understanding of the boy Durgesh, the life of his innocent brothers was saved. In view of his courage, the school's principal reader and district collector Durg recommended the State Bravery Award to the boy Durgesh Kumar Sonkar.