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Result WINNERR: Savena Mushinge Miss Maryland USA 2023

TOP 5 & Runner-ups

  1. Kennedy Taylor 1st Runner-up Miss MDUSA 2023

  2. Taylor Wright 2nd Runner-up Miss MDUSA 2023

  3. Danielle Shook 3rd Runner-up Miss MDUSA 2023

  4. Lydia Frentsos 4th Runner-up Miss MDUSA 2023

Result: TOP 11 Miss Maryland USA 2023

  1. Jessica Brinson
  2. Danielle Shook
  3. Gabriella Farago
  4. Taylor Wright
  5. Alexis Lee
  6. C’yana Denby
  7. Lydia Frentsos
  8. Natalie Brooks
  9. Savena Mushinge
  10. Kennedy Taylor
  11. Rheyna Washington

Result: TOP 22 Miss Maryland USA 2023 Announced

Total 108 Contestants are screened out and shortened to twenty two delegates.

  1. Kalia Harris
  2. Sydney Carr
  3. Alyssa Frazier
  4. Thalia Malcolm
  5. Jessica Brinson
  6. Danielle Shook
  7. Gabriella Farago
  8. Taylor Wright
  9. Alexis Lee
  10. Keylin Perez
  11. C’yana Denby
  12. Lydia Frentsos
  13. Natalie Brooks
  14. Azyah Gross
  15. Savena Mushinge
  16. Regan Kellum
  17. Kennedy Taylor
  18. Rheyna Washington
  19. Amarinda Clarke
  20. Victoria Johnson
  21. Lisbeth Andrade
  22. Ashna Blackston

Bethesda North Marriott Hotel is Hosting In-person Pageant, Get Stream at Pageant Films USA

Sun, Apr 2, 2023: The Coronation Gala at Miss MDUSA 2023 is going on with opening and introduction announced. The TOP Contestants, Finalists List is due in a moment.

Time to Visit Bethesda, Home to 170 Miss Maryland USA Contestants with Teen Sisters at 71ST Pageant 2023

  • Who will succeed Caleigh Shade? The Wining Contestant in 108 Delegates in Crown Race will Represent MD State at Miss USA 2023
  • The legacy of The First Queen, Silver Spring’ Diane Gale Durham Miss Maryland 1953 will be handed over by Caleigh Shade to 71ST Miss Maryland USA 2023
  • Little America is desperately seeking for 66 years its second crown after Mary Leona Gage Miss USA 1957 and Top 15 Miss Universe, unfortunately she has to surrender her crown being married with two children
  • This is 2023, Rules have changed Married with Children Candidates are welcome at Miss USA and State Prelims
  • Number of Contestants Increased from 135 last year to 170 Miss Maryland USA Contestants this year

Tue, Mar 28, 2023: This year Miss Maryland USA 2023 contest is super exciting with 108 contestants with new rules that enables a MARRIED with CHILDREN can contest. Its time to remember the historic fact, someone for being Married and having children was dethroned. The sad fate buried in history and the greatest achievement as per modern standard of Mary Leona Miss Maryland USA 1957, Miss USA 1957, and Top 15 Miss Universe 1957. Current Reigning Queen, Cumberland’s Caleigh Shade Miss Maryland USA 2022 will crown her successor Miss Maryland USA 2023 at the end of Grand Finale in Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Rockville on Sunday, April 2, 2023 commencing at 6:00pm.

The amazing hosts enhancing your pageant experience are Kyle Wyman Athlete, Factory Harley Davidson Rider who was MotoAmerica Baggers 2021 Champion along with his amazing wife Hannah Lopa Miss New York USA 2017, Producer & Pitlane Reporter, TV & Pageant Host. Its trivia for you, just search and find whether there are any Wife & Husband Pair hosting pageants?

This year the pageant is Fri-Sun 3-day event. Friday, March 31st is set for arrival, registration and get-together. Sat, Apr 1st is very important dedicated to rehearsal and On-stage Preliminary Competition. Coronation Evening, Grand Finale and Crowning is scheduled on Sun, Apr 2, 2023 at 6pm

"Whenever I read or remember Mary Leona Gage Top 15 Miss Universe 1957, can’t hold tears, how time takes its toll bringing rules upside down, I request Dr. Anne JKN to honor her posthumously recalling her great achievement." says pageant journalist Ashok.Internet.

The organization invites you:
Live from the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, it's the 2023 Miss Maryland USA & Miss Maryland Teen USA pageants! Join us and cheer on the amazing women vying for the titles of Miss Maryland USA & Miss Maryland Teen USA!  Two lucky women will earn the opportunity to represent Maryland at the 2023 Miss USA & Miss Teen USA national pageants.

Pageant venue is Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, The 3-star hotel located at Address: 5701 Marinelli Rd, Rockville, MD 20852 with Phone Phone: (301) 822-9200

Check Pageant Schedule:
Miss & Teen Preliminary Competition - Saturday, April 1st @ 5pm
Grand Finale & Coronation Miss Maryland Teen USA 2023: Sunday, April 2nd at 2:30pm
Grand Finale & Coronation Miss Maryland USA 2023: Sunday, April 2nd at 6pm

Here you can enjoy 2023 Miss Maryland USA & Miss Maryland Teen USA pageants Stream Anywhere & Watch LIVE!!! You need to click [Starting at $40 to a pop window with all purchase options]

Tickets are NOT Available ONLINE: Special Reserved Seating is available as Golden Circle 2-day ticket for seating near to stage with best possible view. Only 100 Golden Circle Tickets available which allows you to sit in one of the best hundred seats in the ballroom during both competitions. Tickets are only available for purchase at the Pre-Pageant Orientation and again during Pageant Weekend as The organization has clearly stated "We are unable to take reservations or sell tickets by phone, email or mail."

The List of 108 Miss Maryland USA 2023 Contestants Vying for State Crown To Represent MD State at 72ND Miss USA 2023 Stage

Vote Online Here Miss | Teen

  1. Lisbeth Andrade
  2. Rediet Anteneh
  3. Shelby Baggott
  4. Skylar Beard
  5. Ky’Reon Beathea
  6. Rebecca Beavers
  7. Ashna Blackston
  8. Allison Boboltz
  9. Abigail Bradley
  10. Monique Bridi
  11. Jessica Brinson
  12. Kaylynn Bromell
  13. Natalie Brooks
  14. Alexandra Browning
  15. Nia Brummell
  16. Sydney Carr
  17. Neda Changuit
  18. Jermerra Cheathem
  19. Brianna Clark
  20. Amarinda Clarke
  21. Shauna Clarkson
  22. Nadia Coleman
  23. Autumn Coley
  24. Areyhon Collick
  25. Swadu Conteh
  26. Tanaja Cooper
  27. Kielyn Crenshaw
  28. Briana DeBrew
  29. Olivia DeGonia
  30. C’yana Denby
  31. Brandi Dortch
  32. Danielle Easley
  33. Gillian Eshelman
  34. Akilah Etienne
  35. Gabriella Farago
  36. Allison Farrall
  37. Desma Feather
  38. Candace Foreman
  39. Alyssa Frazier
  40. Lydia Frentsos
  41. Victoria Graybeal
  42. Sephora Grey
  43. Azyah Gross
  44. Noelle Hargrave
  45. Kalia Harris
  46. Helen Huang
  47. Mellisa Ikwubuo
  48. Da’Che Jackson
  49. Lorriene Jennifer
  50. Victoria Johnson
  51. Taylor Joyce
  52. Karolina Kalset
  53. Minnie Kaur
  54. Regan Kellum
  1. Nami Kiwalabye
  2. Sabrina Lassegue
  3. Daisha Lathan
  4. Kuressa Laughman
  5. Alexis Lee
  6. Maura Lerner
  7. Helaina Lukens
  8. Mei Mackleer
  9. Thalia Malcolm
  10. Meghan Maloney
  11. Tara McKenna
  12. Briana McPhatter
  13. Kim Mensah
  14. Sydney Miles
  15. Samantha Mohn
  16. Kashya Molineaux
  17. Katherine Montalvo
  18. Miracle Murray
  19. Rachel Murray
  20. Savena Mushinge
  21. Khalaya Myers
  22. Taylor Newton
  23. Cheyenne Noonan
  24. Vianey Ochoa
  25. Courtney O’Connor
  26. Victoria Oedewaldt
  27. Flavianne Oyamo
  28. Keylin Perez
  29. Brie Perpignan
  30. Kaitlynn Portner
  31. Kimbi Quartey
  32. Arianna Richardson
  33. Nadira Roberts
  34. Sydney Robinson
  35. Yansi Rodas
  36. Ayushi Saxena
  37. Navian Scarlett
  38. Danielle Shook
  39. Kiersten Sites
  40. Justice St. Paul
  41. Erin Swan
  42. Lena Tadros
  43. Kennedy Taylor
  44. Reva Thompson
  45. Antionette Van
  46. Ruth Vargas
  47. Kari Wallace
  48. Rheyna Washington
  49. Brittany Webster
  50. Shayana Williams
  51. Sterling Wilmer
  52. Rayla Wolfe
  53. Elaine Wong
  54. Taylor Wright

Cumberland’s Caleigh Shade Miss Maryland USA 2022 was crowned by at Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Rockville on Sunday, May 15, 2022 which started at 5pm. She was crowned by Layilah Nasser Miss MDUSA 2021. Queen Caleigh Shade’s court includes Kennedy Taylor 1ST Runner-Up, Caitlyn Stupi 2ND Runner-Up, Ashley Jones3RD Runner-Up, and Kaylene Robinson 4TH Runner-Up to Miss MDUSA ‘22.

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