Today is Last Day to Vote for Princess Photogenic Award @ Miss Illinois 2022

Princess Photogenic Award Voting ends today on Fri, June 10, 2022 at 10:00PM, Just long on now at and simply add multiple votes by clicking on the image or name of the princess you would like to vote for and there you will be able to add multiple votes to your cart.

Here is an updated version of Miss Illinois Princess Mentoring Program Photogenic Top 5 out of Total 26 Candidates!
Please keep in mind that the Top 5 is determined by you, the people, and the amount of votes per candidate! 
Vote for your favorite princess mentoring program participant and they could be the winner of our Miss Illinois Princess Photogenic award! 
Voting for princesses closes TODAY, June 10th, at 10 pm! 
Cast votes for princesses here: 
*Results updated as of June 9th, 2022, at 2:15 pm . 


List of Candidates at Princess Mentoring Program Photogenic Miss Illinois 2022

  1. Addisson Dal Collo
  2. Adrianna Ash
  3. Ainsley Sandoval
  4. Aria Sue White
  5. Ava Steinkamp
  6. Brielle Wilson
  7. Deegan Edwards
  8. Delainey Van Haverbeke
  9. Eloise Richards
  10. Emerson Eskridge
  11. Emily Buyno
  12. Emma Knudtson
  13. Evelyn Knudtson
  14. Gracelyn Gowin
  15. Hailey Buyno
  16. Isla Porter
  17. Kinley Anderson
  18. Kirsten Matteson
  19. Kynlee Mayes
  20. Lexi Harper
  21. Liberty Scott
  22. Maddilyn Hill
  23. Mikenna Hamilton
  24. Remington Sacapanio
  25. Tenley Buyno
  26. Zariah McGee