Today Miss Maroc @ Miss Universe Morocco 2021 Competition, Contestants, Schedule and Results Online Here

Casablanca-Settat Region Contestant Fatima Zahra Khayat Crowned 2021 Miss Maroc and Miss Universe Morocco 2021

Officially Authorized to Rock on Eilat Stage under Directorship of Saad Bonnani, Director, Its The First time Miss Universe Morocco happened in Casablanca

Out of Total 90 Contestants of Miss Maroc @ Miss Universe Morocco 2021, 45 Candidates are here and Check other 45 Finalists Here: Part 2 List of Miss Maroc @ Miss Universe Morocco 2021 Contestants

Sat, Nov 6, 2021, Rabat, Ribāṭ, Morocco: Today is Grand Finale day, 90 Moroccon Beauties are in Battle of Crown Miss Universe Morocco 2021 which empowers The Winner To Compete at 70TH Miss Universe 2021 Eilat Stage in Israel. Its an opportunity came after 4 decades gap.

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With Candidate Registration Closing on Sunday, October 31, 2021, 90 Contestants are finalized for Online Voting. The Kingdom of Morocco Rocking AFTER 4 DECADES, A Grand Come Back to gracefully compete for 70TH Miss Universe 2021 @ Eilat Stage in Israel. The Young Moroccan Woman Emerging WINNER in Miss Universe Morocco 2021 Competition entitled as Ambassador to Represent Morocco at Miss Universe Stage.

Led by National director Saad Bennani Miss Maroc Organization aka Miss Universe Morocco working since 1953 with 1953 Miss Universe Morocco Colette Ribes is now ready to host the Final Selection on Sun, Nov 7, 2021 of Winner Miss Universe Morocoo 2021 to sent at Eilat Stage. The Crowning may be done by 2018 Miss Maroc Rania Aaït.

List of 90 Candidate Finalized To Compete on Nov 7, 2021 and Currently Online Voting is going on @

  1. Maryem Yahemdi
  2. Johara Abbad
  3. Zeina Sourelah
  4. Laghzioui Nassime
  5. Ines Sara Rtabi
  6. Yassmine Chatrab
  7. Chaimae El Omri
  8. Tayssir Zineb El Ouardighi
  9. Hajar Medari
  10. Houda Oukacha
  11. Lakhiari Lina
  12. Dina Amazghar
  13. Youssra Goujanne
  14. Dana Saber (Dounia Meskine)
  15. Chaima Zaafara
  16. Fadwa Benrioui
  17. El Moukadem Zineb
  18. Fahim Kenza
  19. Hala Essabik
  20. Wiam El Marouani
  21. Kawtar Benhalima
  22. Aya Zerrab
  23. Ghita Afif
  24. Marjana Ines Bouazza
  25. Yousra Imhouten
  26. Kamilia Bettache
  27. Sairi Salma
  28. Souad Benadada
  29. Kenza El Haddouti
  30. Keshlaf Hanae
  31. Amal Aattar
  32. Lobna El Aasri
  33. Sofia Saidi
  34. Yousra Amiri
  35. Meriem Fareh
  36. Chaymae Barhdadi
  37. Sara Hr
  38. El Bahi Lamyaa
  39. Aya El Koutili Belghazii
  40. Hana El Ouamari
  41. Jihane Maanaoui
  42. Fatma Yasmine Benzakour
  43. Loubna Douch
  44. Lina Chahid
  45. Wissal Amras

About Miss Universe Morocco Organization: Miss Universe Morocco is a national competition that honors Moroccan women for their beauty and brains. This pageantery contest offers training and life skills for young women to enhance their inner as well as their physical beauty. Beyond the stereotypical image of beauty, we bring among us wellspoken women who are confident in their skin and willing to shine and inspire others.