Today is Miss Universe Colombia 2021 Crowning Day, Check Results and All Contestants

Winner Miss universe Cartagena Valeria Maria Ayos Bossa Crowned Miss Universe Colombia 2021

Crowning done by Miss Universe Colombia 2020 Laura Olascuaga on her successor Miss Universe Colombia 2021 Valeria Ayos the winner with The First Runnerup Miss Universe RISARALDA 2021 María Alejandra López Pérez and The Second Runnerup Miss universe Bolivar 2021 Franselys Santoya Ariza being part of 24 Contestants strong Miss Universe Colombia 2021 Class of Contestants.

Top 3 Miss Universe Colombia®️ 2021

  1. Risaralda:Miss UC Risaralda: María Alejandra López Pérez @
  2. Cartagena: Miss universe Cartagena Valeria Maria Ayos Bossa @
  3. Bolívar: Miss universe Bolivar 2021 Franselys Santoya Ariza @

Top 7 Miss Universe Colombia®️ 2021

  1. Miss UC Risaralda: María Alejandra López Pérez @
  2. Miss universe Bolivar 2021: Franselys Santoya Ariza @
  3. La Guajira: Valentina Macías Ortega @
  4. Valle: Valeria Galvez Lombana @
  5. Caldas: Estefanía García Orozco @
  6. Cartagena: Valeria Maria Ayos Bossa @
  7. Atlántico: Paula Andrea Pallares Pertuz @

The last six semifinalists to complete the top 13 of Miss Universe Colombia®️ 2021


The first seven semifinalists of the second edition of Miss Universe Colombia®️

La Guajira

Watch LIVE Miss Universe Colombia 2021 HERE from Bogota!!!

Monday Oct 18, 2021, Bogotá, D.C.: 24 Contestant are in arena to Miss Universe Colombia 2021 in Bogotá, D.C., on Monday, October 18, 2021. Miss Universe Colombia 2020 Laura Olascuaga of Bolívar to crown her successo in glittering gala. The Online Ticket Sale portal is marked to enter official Arena Chamorro Entertaiment City Hall.

The Ticket Prices are - Additional Over a dozen Point of Sales are functional too
Category A @ 455,000 COP + VAT for 184 Seats
Category B @ 345,000 COP + VAT for 106 Seats
Category C @ 285,000 COP + VAT for 54 Seats
Category D @ 235,000 COP + VAT for 66 Seats
Category E @ 155,000 COP + VAT for 190 Seats

Doors open: 05:30 PM
Start time: 07:30 PM
Sale of liquor: No
Ticket includes: Entrance only
Access for pregnant women: Yes
Access for people with reduced mobility: Yes
Location for people with reduced mobility: No
Type of accommodation: Chairs

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The LIVE: All 24 Contestants have completed preliminaries Evening Gown Rounds Enjoy The LIVE Videos

The Swimsuit Round is in The LIVE Youtube Video Watch Here at the end.


Know Here About 24 Contestants in Today's Miss Universe Colombia 2021 Final Competition

  1. Antioquia: Andrea Jaramillo Vasquez: 26 years, Profession Fashion designer, fashion merchant and model.
  2. Atlantico: Paula Andrea Pallares Pertuz: 25 years, Profession Social Communicator - Journalist
  3. Bogota: Diana Marcela Hernandez Toro: 20 years Profession Civil engineering student
  4. Bolivar: Franselys Santoya Ariza: 27 years Profession Degree in Languages ​​and professional model
  5. Boyacá: Camila Andrea Pinzon Jimenez: 25 years, Profession Double Master's in International Business and Marketing
  6. Buenaventura: Mathilde Lina Lopez Moreno: 27 years Profession Occupational Health, Master in Human Rights
  7. Caldas: Estefanía García Orozco: 19 years, Profession Psychology student and professional model
  8. Cali: Valeria Acosta Muñoz: 25 years, Profession Management and marketing student, community
  9. Caqueta: Luz Adriana Lopez Ayala: 24 years, Profession Environmental Engineer, graduated in sustainable thinking. Entrepreneur, model and dancer.
  10. Cartagena: Valeria Maria Ayos Bossa: 27 years, Profession International relations
  11. Casanare: Hilsse Olmir Barrios Torres: 25 years, Profession Law student, administrative assistant and model
  12. Chocó: Keidy Johena Lemos Mena: 26 years, Profession Lawyer specialized in administrative law, graduated in administrative teaching and pedagogy for La Paz
  13. Cordoba: Alejandra Lopez Castilla: 25 years, Profession Social communicator - journalist
  14. Cundinamarca: Angela Daniela Briceño Rojas: 27 years, Profession Actress, singer and dancer
  15. Huila: Yenifer Alexandra Perdomo Mora: Abogado , Modelo
  16. La Guajira: Valentina Macías Ortega: 23 years, Profession Marketing and international business student
  17. Goal: Laura Carolina Linares Ardila: 21 years, Profession Marketing student and model
  18. North of Santander: Lizeth Carolina Bunzel Ospina: 27 years, Profession Social Communicator - Journalist
  19. Quindio: Melissa Hernández Graciano: 24 years, Profession International Negotiator
  20. Risaralda: María Alejandra López Pérez: 26 years, Profession Industrial engineering
  21. Santander: María Alejandra Camargo Jiménez: 23 years, Profession Architecture student, model.
  22. Sucre: Viviana Marcela Peña Márquez: 27 years, Profession Master in data science and modeling, professional in mathematics and technique in audiovisual production.
  23. Tolima: Andrea Marcela Escobar Moreno: 24 years, Profession Social communication student - journalism,
  24. Valle del Cauca: Valeria Galvez Lombana: 21 years, Profession Social communication student - journalism 

Miss Universe Colombia 2021
: Chamorro City Hall , Bogotá, Address: Autopista Nte. ##153-81, Bogotá, Colombia
Schedule: Monday, October 18, 2021 - Final Election to Coronation and Crowning The Winner for Eilat at  07:30 PM
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Crowning by Miss Universe Colombia 2020 Laura Olascuaga

Miss Universe Colombia Organization Location:
Barranquilla, Colombia

About MUCO: Miss Universe Colombia is a philanthropic organization dedicated to promoting women from all departments of Colombia in their personal and professional transformation. Committed, hard-working, persevering and authentic women, grateful for what they have received and able to give it back to those who need it most.