Tribal Development Task Force Planning Commission Meets

The first meeting of the Task Force, State Planning Commission on the development of tribes and their related issues was held.

Raipur, 11 Jan 2021 The first meeting of the Task Force constituted by the State Planning Commission, Chhattisgarh on Tribal Development, Forest and Wildlife Management, Development of Minor Forest Produce Management Areas was held on 10 June 2021 at the Commission's office. The meeting in the task force was presided over by Rajesh Tiwari, Advisor to the Chief Minister and Chairman of the Task Force. In the meeting, other advisors to the Chief Minister Shri Pradeep Sharma, Shri Ruchir Garg, Deputy Chairman of State Planning Commission Shri Ajay Singh, members of the Commission Dr. K. Subramaniam, Member Secretary Shri Anup Kumar Srivastava, representatives of the departments were present. Subject experts of the area included in the task force, Prof. Virgins Khakha, Shri Gangaram Paikra, Dr. Ventekesh Tagat, Shri Shyam Polabartini, Dr. R. Balasubramaniam, Dr. Nistar Kujur, Mr. Sushil Choudhary, Mr. Lalji Singh, Mr. Itwari Baiga participated in the meeting through virtual medium.
In the meeting, Task Force Chairman Shri Rajesh Tiwari shared the terms of reference of the Task Force. He apprised the members about the action points of the task force such as the current challenges of tribal education, health and nutrition and employment, their effective solutions, skill development, livelihood prospects, issues related to forest and forest produce, effective implementation of PESA etc. He suggested to present an effective and implementable practical action plan for development in the areas related to the task force.
Addressing the members of the Task Force, Advisor to the Chief Minister, Shri Pradeep Sharma said that the suggestions of the Task Force would be important in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This will help the departments. He suggested the task force to focus on backward areas like availability of drinking water in tribal areas, development of forests, wildlife conservation etc.
The Vice-Chairman of the Commission, Shri Ajay Singh apprised the members of the Task Force about the expectations of the Commission and expected that the Task Force would give practical recommendations according to the wishes of the Chief Minister, which could be implemented soon. He also suggested to include senior officers of other departments related to the subject in the task force. Apart from this, the formation of small subject-wise working groups in this broad subject has been suggested.
Task force member Prof. Virgins Khakha suggested decentralized planning keeping in mind the ecosystem, geographical/regional and cultural diversity of the state. Member Dr. R. Balasubramaniam stressed on the need to identify the gap and empowerment of tribals. He also stressed on learning from the successful experiments of other states. Member Shyam Pottavartini suggested to include tribal representation in planning. Member Shri Gangaram Paikra told the need to emphasize on the processing of minor forest produce. Member Shri Venkatesh Tagat expressed the need for updated data. Member Shri Itwari Baiga also suggested to pay attention to the protection and development of the culture of special backward tribes. He also suggested to focus on increasing the livelihood of tribals by production of minor forest produce like Harra, Bahera etc. Member Shri Lalji Singh talked about laying emphasis on community participation of tribes. Member Shri Sushil Choudhary suggested to emphasize on low cost technology.
    It is noteworthy that recently the Commission has constituted Task Forces on 14 subjects related to the development of the State. In which important subjects like agriculture, education, health, industry, environment are included. Considering the proportion of tribal population, forest resource, a task force has also been constituted on tribal development, forest wildlife management, minor forest produce. In this, experts from the country and region related to this field have been included. Other subject experts can also be added to the task force as per the need.
It was decided in the meeting that the next meeting of the task force would be held soon and the report of the task force would be presented within the stipulated time frame. Shri Anup Kumar Srivastava, Member Secretary, State Planning Commission thanked everyone for their presence in the meeting.