Tuti Sejdiu crowned Miss Universe Kosovo 2021 in Adorions Palace on Friday, July 9, 2021

Crowning Moments LIVE Tuti Sejdiu crowned Miss Universe Kosovo 2021 - WATCH The LIVE Streams of Finals and Semi-Finals Here

Friday, July 9, 2021, Tirana, Albania: The Beautiful Adorions Palace was hot with touchy emotions with Tuti Sejdiu crowning as successor to Blerta Veseli Miss Universe Kosovo 2020. Miss Universe Kosovo 2021 was clubbed with Miss Universe Albania 2021 Events by the Licensee Organization.Miss Universe Albania Competition 2021 Event venue is located at Address Tirana - Durres Highway, Tiranë, Albania, Miss Universe Kosovo 2021 Tuti Sejdiu is now all set to On Road Miss Universe Eilat Stage to Rock on Sunday, December 12, 2021.


Miss Universe Kosovo 2021, Tuti Sejdiu in her last meeting with the former first female president of Kosovo, Atifete Jahajagen. Her allegiance on Tuti's cause plays a very important role in representing Kosovo for 2021. We wish him all the best Tuti Sejdiu Miss Universe Kosovo 2021 @tuti. Sejdiy See you in Israel in December 20


I believe in love, sincerity, equality, respect and in the power of my voice.
Jam Tuti Sejdiu (Official Insta @ and Personal @tuti.sejdiu), 19 years old,
I come from a small and beautiful town in Kosovo, Gjilan. I live with my parents and sisters, I have grown up always having their love and support in every step of life and they are the greatest force for me, the force that pushes me to never stop. True beauty is when inner beauty reflects on the outside, that is, to be a beautiful soul because the world needs more love. Positivity, self-confidence and intuition are my strongest weapon and with their help I always got where I wanted.
Big dreams & ambitions also bring great success, success for me means that people love me and accept me for who I am.
Little girls with ambition become independent and successful women so I want to use my voice to always encourage them not to give up on their dreams because in the world there are no impossible things.
I love fashion and everything related to it, I deal with modeling from the age of 15 where I became part of various fashion competitions both inside and outside the country, what is worth noting is that each experience had its beauty and uniqueness inspiring me and prepared to continue this journey without stopping and never getting tired.
Participate in Miss Universe to fulfill my dream, because being a Miss does not mean just being beautiful but it takes other criteria to complete this word such as spirituality, intelligence, finesse, and charm that a woman should possess . And yes, I am persistent and I fight hard for what I want because the world belongs to those who never give up.

From Vlorë, Albania Tuti Sejdiu Miss Universe Kosovo 2021 shouts "Life’s unforgettable experience @ Miss Universe" and "That Summer Feeling in Amazing Swimwear and Unique Style!!!" along with "Red Lips Never DIE!!!"


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