Paula Shugart confers with Moshe Lion, The Mayor of Jerusalem along with Miss Universe Contestants

Paula Shugart, President of the Miss Universe Organization, speaks at the King David Hotel

Check Pictures of Paula Shugart, Mayor Moshe Lion, Caterina Di Fuccia, Harnaaz Sandhu, Beatrice Luigi Gomez, Hanna Nepliakh, and Ora Ivanišević from King David Hotel

Sat, Dec 4, 2021,Jerusalem, Israel: The First Ever, Historic, Iconic and Daredevil Event Miss Universe Contestant went for The Official Evening Walk to the King David Hotel during The Rededication Hanukkah Week in The Holy Land on Tuesday Night, Nov 30. Ms.

Check Shree Saini Pictures @ San Juan: Part 9 2021 Miss World Contestants LIST

WOW! God has led me to the Miss World stage and I lovingly seek your prayers over my journey: Shree Sain Miss World United States 2021 in San Juan

Tue, Nov 23, 2021, San Juan, Puerto Rico: It is 7AM in Morning, The has welcomed Miss World Contestants, most of the class 70th Miss World 2021 has arrived at San Juan and gone through essential formalities Registration and Fitting, Official Photoshoot and many more activities including group forming But The Several National Contestants are still to join the Crwon Contest.

Yelyzaveta Yastremska in Miss Universe National Costume Show Hollywood

​​​​​​​She call herself Liza Yastremskaya but as per MUO Official Entry Its Yelyzaveta Yastremska. Nation's or Country's Costume in Hollywood shown live by Yelyzaveta Yastremska, Miss Universe Ukraine 2020 The Contestant in Miss Universe National Costume Show Stage,

The Queen Look of National Queen Yelyzaveta Yastremska, Miss Universe Ukraine 2020 gives the impression of an angel on earth in varied colors you never imagined.