Valeria Villanueva is CROWNED Mexicana Universal Colima 2022

Actress & Singer Valeria Villanueva is crowned Mexicana Universal Colima 2022 today on Sun, Nov 27, 2022 which commenced as Facebook LIVE at 8:00PM in Poliforum Cultural Mexiac, Jardín de la Corregidora.

Check The LIVE Coronation at following Facebook LIVE URL: - 37:23 M - 18:57 M

Valeria Villanueva Mexicana Universal Colima 2022 is now on Road to Miss Universe via Mexicana Universal National Competition. Valeria, 24, height 173 CM is native of the Port of Manzanillo. As model she is managed by Latinvasion Agency, International Artist Management

She is successor of Itziá Margarita Garcia Jiménez aka Itzía Garcia Miss International Mexico 2023 / Mexicana Universal International 2023.

Current Reigning Queen is Irma Miranda Miss Universe Mexico 2022, all set to Miss Universe 2022 on Jan 14th, 2022.

The Impressive Activity - Valeria Villanueva Zacualpan Visit:

Today I had the fortune of meeting one of the three original villages of my state. The beautiful town of Zacualpan a magical place that still preserves its identity, its ancestral and millennial culture, a people that resists, which is held not to disappear sheltering between the mountains of the mother mountains of Manantlan, I re Carmen ate "The Guardian of the Water" between dances, Violins, drums placed a crown of bugambillas on me and gave me the distinction of woman of the community. My heart is filled with joy to feel the full soul of these extraordinary people, walking through their streets among clouds, mountains and springs, it was all living magic that made my heart vibrate stronger. They bathed me with their holy waters and invoked the Gods as protection on my way. I finally met Anna who belongs to the group of "Women of Fire" who represent the ancestral gastronomic rescue of our peoples and represents us at a national and international level in gastronomic samples.
I am very grateful to Armando Santos, Miriam the current queen 2022 and the support of the municipal board that made this possible.
Valeria Villanueva, shared on Wed, Nov 23, 2022
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