The Nicaraguan Swimsuite Looks by Creaciones Gul: Vote for Allison Wassmer Miss Nicaragua 2021 To WIN at Miss Universe Eilat

Jesús Follower Nicaraguan Allison Wassmer Miss Nicaragua 2021 Owner of Cerealisimo -The first cereal Bar in Nicaragua- Managua, Plaza Natura|Módulo A49 @cerealisimoni, Diseño gráfico, PET Lover, Simplicity, Compassion Reusar, Reciclar

The Amazing Bikini Looks of Allison Wassmer is hard work of Swimsuit team, Direccion Karen Celebertti @karencelebertti, Mynor Davila Makeup Artist @mynordavila_, Tops Exclusive designs for summer Made by merely Nicaraguan hands. 100% cotton by Creaciones Gul Creaciones_Gul Bikini Suit @creaciones_gul, Julio César Velásquez @julioovelasquezz and Fernàn Joyas @fernanjoyas_ Shopping mall in Managua, Nicaragua

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Allison Wassmer was born in 1995 in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. She grew up as the only female of three children. Her family is very close, and she spends a lot of time with her grandparents and feels fortunate to learn from them.

Since she was a child, she was instilled with the love for God, a teaching that she values enormously because she believes it is the purest love with a strength that moves dreams. She studied Graphic Design with a scholarship. She is passionate about dance, ballet, jazz, contemporary music, and belly dance.

She loves painting and modeling. She loves the freedom of getting into the artist's role. She has a business venture, Cerealisimo, where she works hand in hand with her mother. She describes herself as a fun woman, a dreamer, with immense love towards God.

She faithfully believes in her potential as a human being and in a clean heart willing to give and receive with love.

Allison Wassmer Miss Nicaragua 2021, Tell You FUN FACTS of Her LIFE!!!

  • I started a year and a half ago, my own business, Cerealisimo. My mother works by my side. I know that one day this small business will be one of the most recognized in my country.
  • I’m a flight attendant with Emirates Airline and I’ve travelled to over 40 countries.
  • I started to study sign language, for me it is important to be able to communicate with everyone, the world needs us to care more about each other, and this is my way to start.

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