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The Bahamas Chantel O'Brian Miss Universe Bahamas 2021 Founder of P.S. O'Brian Consulting Edinburgh Napier University:
She says - Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great

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An Inspiring Picture of Past Year Title holder Top 21 Miss Universe @ Hollywood Shauntae Miller, Miss Universe Bahamas 2020 in Sherri Hill Pink Gown

Shauntae Miller in Hollywood, Miss Universe Bahamas 2020 on stage in fashion by Sherri Hill with hosts Mario Lopez and Olivia Culpo during the 69th Miss Universe Competition® on May 16, 2021 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida airing LIVE on FYI and Telemundo. Contestants from around the globe have spent the last few weeks touring, filming, rehearsing and preparing to compete for the Miss Universe crown. Photographer: BENJAMIN ASKINAS

Founder P.S. O'Brian Consulting in Full-time from Feb 2018 to Present Time, Total Reaching 4 Years is the founder and Head Coach. P.S. O'Brian Consulting in Nassau, Bahamas. Offers services from social, business, etiquette coaching to pageant training, social media management and more! It offers catwalk skills, media and public speaking training, social, business and etiquette coaching, platform development, marketing and branding and more!


My bid for the Miss Bahamas Universe 2021 title is officially in! YOUR Miss New Providence !✨ @missbahamasqueen 👑
This is a journey I didn't think I would take after my first attempt for the Universe stage back in 2013. At that time I placed 1st runner up. Since then, I've evolved so much and cannot wait to show the judges, The Bahamas, my friends, family and supporters that I have what it takes. I do not take lightly the pleasure and honor it would be to follow the footsteps of @iamshauntaemiller and so many other dynamic queens. 
But I have to be honest. Exactly one year ago, I questioned my purpose and where I'd end up. Following that, an eviction notice and so many emotions that tried its best to break me. In the midst of a pandemic, it was easy to focus on everything that was going wrong. Not having the opportunity to walk across the stage for my degree was more of a focal point than, "I did it! I have my degree". Not seeing @psobrianconsulting transition the way I wanted it to distracted me from my clients who flourished in their competitions & felt empowered by my coaching. So today, I encourage you to face the pressure. Whatever, it may be. In the end, your trail can lead you to a door of gratitude, humility and courage.
Youth Development has been my focus for years but you may know me for my mantra, 'Perfection is a Myth'.  A framework to build confidence, dream big and challenge challenges which many can attest that I live by. My experience from growing up in Englerston, losing two older brothers & taking on the role of the breadwinner in my household showed me that with the right resources, young people can step up to the plate & take on responsibility. They need a chance to take on the world, the universe. With my community work, I am confident that I'm doing my part & cannot wait to continue incredible partnerships with others who are equally as passionate as I am about this.
September 12th, 2021 is the finale! Your support is both welcomed and appreciated as I give this my all and bring the heat!🕊🌷
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She worked as Social Media Coordinator at Aliv for 3 Years and Bahamas Diamonds International Sales Associate for 3 Years too. Miss Universe Bahamas Chantel O'Brian is Bachelor of Arts - BA, Business Enterprise Degree Holder from Edinburgh Napier University.

Chantel O'Brian Miss Universe Bahamas 2021 MEET CHANTEL On Road To Miss Universe!!!

Chantel is a first-generation graduate having obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business and Enterprise from Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. She came from humble beginnings as a daughter of a Haitian immigrant and faced many obstacles from financial to academic. This sparked her passion for child education and mentorship.


As a member of the Majority-Minority Development Association and a certified Youth Leader with The Bahamas’ Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, she aims to help marginalized youth with their educational pursuits. She is also the co-founder of The Leading Ladies Project, which is an organization prioritizing the education of underprivileged girls in Abaco, Bahamas. 

Online VOTING is OPEN Now for 70TH Miss Universe 2021 @ Eilat, Israel!!! Download App, Cast Your first vote is FREE!

Due to her fervent efforts toward the youth of The Bahamas, she has been recognized and awarded as a Fellow Associate by the Royal Commonwealth Society.

This year, Chantel became only the third delegate to capture both the Miss World Bahamas and Miss Universe Bahamas national titles. She is also an entrepreneur having established P.S. O’Brian Consulting: a pageant, etiquette, and runway coaching and consultation agency, which also offers services in marketing and branding. Additionally, Chantel is a motivational speaker, marketer, model, and a woman of faith who considers charity and mentorship to be at the core of her identity.

She is Telling YOU The FUN FACTS, Check Miss Universe Bahamas 2021 Chantel O'Brian's Words Here!!!

This One Is Real Hot and Inspiring, NO One CAN Think Her Ways: Read Chantel O'Brian Statement from Past: If you felt hot wasn't the weather 💅🏾 Feeling Universe ready ✨ @missbahamasqueen 👑
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Although I live in a country that has been recognized globally for its beautiful beaches, I cannot swim and I am not a fan of the sand.

I am a certified Youth Leader with my country's Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.

I serve as a Creole translator for the Haitian community on my island.

Online VOTING is OPEN Now for 70TH Miss Universe 2021 @ Eilat, Israel!!! Download App, Cast Your first vote is FREE!


The SUPER FUN FACT Chantel O'Brian Miss Universe Bahamas 2021: Today's Miss Universe bahamas 2021 was Once Miss World Bahamas 2015, (The Video from Miss World Era is Also Very Interesting!!!)
Check Her Post Last Year in September saying: "& 5 years ago today. Miss World Bahamas 2015. 👑 Time surely flies. Since then, God, you've stretched and humbled me. Since then, you've challenged me. Since then, you've birthed @psobrianconsulting through me. I am grateful. Thank you @missbahamasorg for [legacy]"