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The time has finally come… INTRODUCING your Miss Universe Australia 2021… Daria Varlamova] 💕 A huge congratulations to all of our National Finalists, you were incredible. Thank you to our amazing partners and for everyone who watched online 🎉 What a year… We can’t wait for what next year holds with the beautiful and brilliant Daria Varlamova] as our 2021 MUA!!


The 17TH Miss Universe Australia 2021 Crowned is Daria Varlamova by Victoria's Maria Thattil Miss Universe 2020 on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Melbourne, Victoria. NOW 20221 Miss Universe Australia Daria Varlamova is ENTITLED Official Delegate To Compete at Universe Arena Eilat on represent Australia at Miss Universe 2021 on Sunday, December 12, 2021 in Israel. Daria is Psychotherapy Masters student Mental Health presenter.

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The Official BIO: Daria Varlamova is a passionate mental well-being advocate and is currently working towards her Master's in Psychotherapy in the hopes of helping others living with debilitating mental health conditions. She works closely with young women, leading workshops on mental resilience, self-love, and gratitude.

Miss Universe Contestant Daria was born in Russia and immigrated to Australia with her family at the age of 8, and she is proud to be representing one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world.

2021 Miss Universe Australia Daria Varlamova hopes to one day merge her passions for philanthropy and technology to support others like her who may struggle with anxiety.

Daria Varlamova Miss Universe Australia 2021 Fun Facts in Her Own Words
I can speak fluent Russian- it was my first language. When I immigrated to Australia as a child I taught myself how to speak English by reading novels before school.

I love to travel- Israel is the 24th country I have visited!

I am working towards my Masters degree in Psychotherapy in the hopes of helping people struggling with their mental health.

Know More About daria:
Individual psychological consultations in person and online.
Psychologist at Elizabethan Garden - developmental center for children with cerebral palsy
Works at Psychologist, private practice
Worked at ROO "Yablochko"
Former Psychologist-Consultant Hotline for Cancer Patients and Their Relatives at Clear Morning Service
Studies Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy. at MIGTiK
Studied Systemic Family Psychotherapy at Higher School of Economics
Studied Counseling Psychology at Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, Lives in Moscow, Russia