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Hanna Neplyakh has a degree in engineering, is engaged in art, and paints pictures.

Hanna Nepliakh is actively blogging and motivating girls to truly love themselves, reveal their femininity, and provide psychological help to victims of domestic violence because she went through this negative experience herself.

Hanna also conducts training and offline meetings about self-love and inner harmony for girls. Hanna loves traveling and has already visited 30 countries getting inspiration from different cultures and lifestyles. Hanna is very fond of animals; she has a Jack Russell Terrier and regularly helps animal shelters.

Hanna Nepliakh FUN FACTS

I have a patriotic tattoo of the word ‘sho’ under the lower lip (‘sho’ is a common Ukrainian expression meaning 'What's up?') and is the genetic code of a Ukrainian citizen.

I have always strived for independence, and I have been earning money since I was 13.

As needs dictate, I can fall asleep anywhere abstracting from external circumstances – on a plane, in a car, and even on a chair.