Gottex Bikini Looks From Dead Sea: Vote for Jade Cini Miss Universe Malta 2021

Jade Cini, Miss Universe Malta 2021, stops at the Dead Sea on her way to Eilat and goes for a swim in Gottex swim wear! 

The Miss Universe delegates are touring the sights, filming, rehearsing, and preparing to compete for the Miss Universe crown before the show airs LIVE from Eilat, Israel on Sunday, December 12 at 7:00 PM ET on FOX and Telemundo. Photographer: BENJAMIN ASKINAS

JADE CINI Country Malta Age 26 Instagram @jadecini

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Jade Cini is a 26-year-old who graduated in 2017 with a Bachelors's Degree with Honours in Primary Teaching. Now, she is pursuing her dream career as a full-time teacher passing on her knowledge to children between seven to eight years old. 

With a passion for arts, she has studied Jazz dance for eleven years, practiced singing for nine years, and acted in several local productions.

Starting from 2016, Jade has been involved in a project collecting funds and traveled to Adigrat in Ethiopia to build a self-sustainable farm from which the locals now have access to clean water and fresh produce for their daily life. 

Jade started modeling at the age of three and represented Malta in five international pageants. In the future, she aspires to become a successful pageant coach. She advocates for a more inclusive approach towards children with learning difficulties and different needs to be able to have a good education with equal opportunities to integrate within society.

Jade Cini Miss Universe Malta 2021, Tell You FUN FACTS of Her LIFE!!!

  • I would like to become an author for children's books with dyslexia.
  • I was a backing vocalist at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and with Emmelie de Forest, the winner of Eurovision 2013 from Denmark during her performance in Malta.
  • My brother is the goalkeeper of Malta's National Football Team.

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