First Look Rehearsal @ Pierrot Couture by Emma Viedma: Vote for Nadia Ferreira Miss Universe Paraguay 2021 To WIN at Miss Universe Eilat

Sun, Dec 5, 2021: Eilat, Israel: Official Grand Finale Rehearsals starts today in Universe Arena with Pierrot Couture by Emma Viedma a very special specially designed dress for MU Delegates, Fans VOTE To WIN Vote for Nadia Ferreira Miss Universe Paraguay 2021 and check the FIRST Miss Universe Grande Finale Look, latest Miss Universe Rehearsal Pictures. Nadia reacts "We officially start rehearsals for the final night. I am very excited and looking forward to the BIG DAY. I thank God for one more day, for allowing me to live this dream of representing my beloved country and so many blessings. ❤️
Today I saw a look by Pierrot Couture by Emma Viedma @pierrot_couture x @emmaviedma with details in Ñanduti and organic leather in vibrant tones, such as orange, nude and gold tones that express all the energy and light that characterizes us as Paraguayans.❤️✨ #vestiparaguay"

Today I started the week with the best vibes and I hope that you all did as well: Nadia Ferreira Miss Universe Paraguay 2021
And for people that believe that everything’s perfect and every day is a good one, let me break it to you... it’s not always like that. There are times where I feel sad, some days I don’t feel comfortable with my body and sometimes I even feel less empowered. I don’t let all of that stop me, so I stand up and work hard to achieve my goals and keep a healthy lifestyle because it makes me feel good about myself. With this being said, let’s go! let’s keep going! the week just started… positive mind, positive life. Remember, a bad day only lasts 24 hours!!
Happy Monday

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Nadia Ferreira is a recognized model in her country and internationally, an illustrious citizen of the department of Guaira. She earned the affection and recognition of Paraguay after working on TV at the early age of 15. 

Nadia is also the CEO of NF (Nadia Ferreira) a family business for women seeking sustainable development as well as who suffer domestic violence. Nadia's participation in the Miss Universe is widely accepted, being declared by the Chamber of Deputies as a national and cultural interest of the nation. She also is a social activist.

Nadia works with the First Lady of the nation in different social aid programs focused on improving the quality of life of her compatriots such as the "Victoria" and "Ñapuake" projects. Nadia believes in second chances, and she also supports the work of the Minister of Justice of Paraguay with the reintegration of women deprived of their liberty. At an early age, Nadia considers herself a person of community service, being a troop leader as a Girl Scout.

Not everything has been easy for Nadia. Her health and life have been compromised on two occasions. She underwent surgery at the age of eight months with congenital torticollis, and the second was when she was diagnosed with Susac syndrome after losing her vision, hearing, and mobility on her left side for approximately a year and a half. She focuses on encouraging, inspiring, and motivating people that with determination, and hard work anything is possible.

Nadia Ferreira Miss Universe Paraguay 2021, Tell You FUN FACTS of Her LIFE!!!

  • I love sports because it releases endorphins and emotions which make me feel strong.
  • For the past 3 years, I have traveled on my own and worked as a model in 7 countries (Mexico, Turkey, USA, Germany, Qatar, United Emirates, and Paraguay).
  • I am a Polyglot speaker. I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and the native Paraguayan language (Guaraní).

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