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Fashion Model Nora Emilie Nakken Miss Universe Norway 2021,Mental health advokate @mental_helse, Dpmodels Trendmodels, Entrepreneur Tech, Non-profit organisation, in Dead Sea Swimsuit look, check the latest picture from Eilat:

Today we where doing a telecast shoot with this Rasor Quad ATV’s in the desert at Gal BaMidbar. After that we went to bird watching! Soo amazing!

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Nora Emilie Nakken has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management  from Handelshøyskolen BI. She is now studying for her second bachelor's degree in media science at NTNU Campus Trondheim.

Nora Emilie works closely with Kirkens Bymisjon, a NGO that helps people who face challenges in life, focusing on respect, justice, and care. She also works with Natteravenene, a mental health based NGO who works with keeping the city streets safe at night by being present, taking responsibility and showing care when the young people need it.

Nora Emilie advocates for mental health issues. This means a lot to her because she has lost friends to mental health issues. To help raise awareness and fundraise for mental health, she has started the online non-profit store, The 5 Bear Buddy, being that those affected by mental health challenges might open up about their issues to the bear as the first step towards working through their mental health challenges.

Nora Nakken Miss Universe Norway 2021, Tell You FUN FACTS of Her LIFE!!!

  • I have always been a creative spirit and love to paint, draw and make pearl jewellery. It was my mom who introduced me to this.
  • I love animals, and my favorite animal is an elephant.
  • I have always been curious about everything and love to try new things-everything from travelling to new places to testing different new products or food.

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