VOTE Online for Top 12 Miss World Digital Media Challenge @ Top 40 Contestants' Website

Top 40 Miss World Contestants Individual Website Based Digital Challenge begins today!
From now on it is up to the contestants to develop their very own wesbites mentioning their website!
Engage with your favorite contestants, and promote their story!!

Post Pandemic Miss World 2.0 has come-up with Social Media and Website based People’s Choice Online Voting System, Earlier it was Online Vote @ MobStar App

Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States, San Juan, Puerto Rico and London, United Kingdom, Friday, February 4, 2022: Just Now Miss World 2.0 has new announcement came for Top 12 Miss World Digital Media Challenge, Read here:
We are launching today the first ever 

Top 40 Fast Track Event : "The Miss World - Digital Media Challenge" 

The winner of this challenge will qualify for the Miss World Top 12!

We are engaging with every Contestant, National organisation, the Media Partners of  Miss World and all our friends and followers on Miss World Social Media  to promote this new website challenge!

The briefing for the Top 40 is shown below! 

Help your Favorite Contestant Advance!

You can help your favorite contestant advance by promoting the link to her new website! 
The links to the Individual website of each of the Top 40 can be reached via - 

A special album of the Too 40 will be posted later today with the direct links to their sites.
At present the web pages only contain the content populated by the Miss World web team!

From now on it is up to the contestants to develop their very own wesbites!

Engage with your favorite contestants, and promote their story!!

The Digital Challenge begins today!

View your contestants at !

Here is the brief we are giving to The 70th Miss World Top 40
Congratulations on reaching the Miss World Top 40! 
As you prepare for your journey back to Puerto Rico, we are launching today the first qualifying competition for a place in the 
Miss World Top 12 !
The first qualifier for the Top 12 will be decided by our new 
"Miss World - Digital Media Challenge" as we ask you, the Miss World Top 40, to promote your journey at Miss World in Puerto Rico through your individual Miss World websites at
Your web promotion should include the friendships and experiences at Miss World, your hopes now you have reached the Top 40 and any messages of support or congratulations that you have received from home!
However this is your website and we want you to come up with your own original ideas and designs to create the best website and your window to the world!
The "My Purpose" section of your website should include your Beauty With A Purpose presentation including a full description of the progress that you have made since you began your project. 
The Top 40 are required to promote your new Miss World websites through all social media channels and via your National Organisation's media partners. 
The Judges will consider the originality, quality and frequency of posts, the content, design and style of the website, and the overall campaign to promote the new website through all media and social media channels. The overall winner will advance to the Top 12! 
Briefing Notes for the Top 40 in the "Digital Media Challenge"
To help guide you in this challenge we have prepared the briefing note below to explain what the judges are looking for in this challenge
In telling your story  "Highlight" the unique features, history, architecture and natural beauty of Puerto Rico. Help your followers and national supporters understand where you've been!
The #1 focus for the judges is video. It is up to you to edit and publish your videos and photos
Your ability to tell your story and engage with your fans is what we're looking for!
Encourage your followers on Mobstar, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,  or other social media, to come and visit your own personal Website.  
The bottom line for success is "Are your followers interested enough in your project to engage and return to your website!"
Best of luck!
Example posting courtesy of Miss Ireland !!


The List of TOP 40 Semi-finalists in 70TH Miss World 2021 Competition

Note: Contestants Website Link To Promote Your Choice Candidates for Top 12 will be updated when announced

  1. Miss World Argentina 2021 Amira Hidalgo:
  2. Miss World Bahamas 2021 Sienna Evans:
  3. Miss World Miss World Botswana 2021 Palesa Mofele:
  4. Miss World Brazil 2021 Caroline Teixeira:
  5. Miss World Cameroon 2021 Audrey Monkam:
  6. Miss World Canada 2021 Svetlana Mamaeva:
  7. Miss World Chile 2021 Carol Drpic:
  8. Miss World China 2021 Jiang Siqi:
  9. Miss World Colombia 2021 Andrea Aguilera:
  10. Miss World Cote D'Ivoire 2021 Olivia Yacé:
  11. Miss World Czech Republic 2021 Karolína Kopíncová:
  12. Miss World Dominican Republic 2021 Emmy Pena:
  13. Miss World Ecuador 2021 Ámar Pacheco aka Amar Ibarra:
  14. Miss World England 2021 Rehema Muthamia:
  15. Miss World France 2021 April Benayoum:
  16. Miss World Guinea 2021 Nene Bah:
  17. Miss World Hungary 2021 Lili Tótpeti:
  18. Miss World Iceland 2021 Hugrún Birta Egilsdóttir:
  19. Miss World India 2021 Manasa Varanasi:
  20. Miss World Indonesia 2021 Carla Yules:
  21. Miss World Ireland 2021 Pamela Uba:
  22. Miss World Kenya 2021 Sharon Obara:
  23. Miss World Madagascar 2021 Nellie Anjaratiana:
  24. Miss World Malaysia 2021 Lavanya Sivaji:
  25. Miss World Mexico 2021 Karolina Vidales:
  26. Miss World Mongolia 2021 Burte-Ujin Anu:
  27. Miss World Nepal 2021 Namrata Shrestha:
  28. Miss World Nicaragua 2021 Sheynnis Palacios:
  29. Miss World Northern Ireland 2021 Anna Leitch:
  30. Miss World Paraguay 2021 Bethania Borba:
  31. Miss World Philippines 2021 Tracy Perez:
  32. Miss World Poland 2021 Karolina Bielawska:
  33. Miss World Puerto Rico 2021 Aryam Díaz:
  34. Miss World Somalia 2021 Khadija Omar:
  35. Miss World South Africa 2021 Shudufhadzo Musida:
  36. Miss World Sri Lanka 2021 Sadé Greenwood:
  37. Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2021 Jeanine Brandt:
  38. Miss World United States 2021 Shree Saini:
  39. Miss World Venezuela 2021 Alejandra Conde:
  40. Miss World Vietnam 2021 Đỗ Thị Hà: