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At Miss World, Shree Saini believes, is not only representing herself but also:
Representing 333 million Americans. 
Representing 3.5 billion Indians. (This includes Indians outside of India). 
Representing people with disabilities. 
Representing anyone who has overcome adversity. 
Representing immigrants.
Representing people of color. 
Representing kindness. 
Representing service. 

I want to Thank GOD for allowing me to apply  for the greatest service job of Miss World 🌍 
To each and every person who has ever held my hand or been a source of encouragement in my life, I bow down and thank you. 
Let's all love wholeheartedly and
Serve endlessly. 
My world family, kindly 
pray 🙏🏻 . I believe in the power of prayer.

Age: 25 Height: 175 Occupation: Business Manager Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Having completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism Shree is currently working as a Business Manager at her father’s company and as a Keynote Speaker. Since being, crowned Shree has been very active in promoting BWAP in the US and across the largest media platforms. Her dream is to become a United States Secretary of Education. An avid reader, Shree also has a passion for dance and musical theatre and enjoys attending Stand Up Comedy. Personal Motto: ‘You are defined by the kindness in your heart and resilience shown in tough times.’ Head to Head Challenge - Group 1 Nov 26, 02:00 am Miss World America 2021 crowned Oct 21, 02:00 am 35 Beauty with a Purpose projects completed in USA by the National Ambassador Sep 13, 02:00 pm SEE ALL

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I'll forever remember those who supported me when I needed it the most. It's OUR journey to Miss World, not just mine.


Miss World 2021 Online Vote Live Now @ MobStar: Voting ENDS SOON

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Miss World 2021 Online Vote Live Now @ MobStar: Voting ENDS SOON