Vrindavan LIVE, CM Yogi Aditayanath Inaugurates Brajraj Utsav-2021 and Hunar Haat

Skilled artisans from Braj Bhoomi, job creation, a very commendable platform for the sale of their products, many congratulations

BrijRaj Utsav is celebrated with Grand Gala in Company of Saints

CM Yogi recently Declared Mathura-Vrindavan as a Pilgrimage Site

Wednesday, November 10, 2021, Brindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India: Live streaming broadcast of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ji inaugurating Brajraj Utsav-2021 and Hunar Haat in Vrindavan. 

Before inaugurating the Brajraj festival being organized at the Kumbh site in Vrindavan, the city of Sri Banke Bihari, the Chief Minister had a meal with Saints, Mahants and Bhagvatkathakars and Priests.
Archways have been built at different places on the route through which the Chief Minister has passed. The Chief Minister met the saints at the Tourist Facilitation Center and had a meal with them.
Thereafter, the Chief Minister did darshan and worship of Shri Krishna Janmasthan.

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