vVARDIS Sisters Dr. Haleh Abivardi and Dr. Golnar Abivardi Collaborates with CareQuest Innovation

Dr. med. dent. Golnar Abivardi Signer and Dr. med. dent. Haleh Abivardi Brönner Venture New Milestone in Oral Care with New Partner CareQuest Institute for Oral Health led by Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan, President and CEO

Revolutionary Oral Health Company vVARDIS Announces Partnership with CareQuest Innovation Partners with the Aim to Bring Transformative Drill-Free Technologies that Help Eliminate Tooth Decay for Future Medicaid Patients

Founded by Swiss Dentists Haleh and Golnar Abivardi and Backed by Proprietary Science, vVARDIS is Transforming Oral Care and Dentistry with Their Radical New Non-Invasive Solution that Helps Eliminate Tooth Decay and Protects Teeth

The Soul of vVARDIS is to Ensure All People have Access to the Highest Quality, Pain-Free Oral Health Care

NEW YORK, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today vVARDIS, the revolutionary oral health company leading a transformation in oral care and dentistry, announced a national partnership with CareQuest Innovation Partners intended to bring vVARDIS' patented drill-free technologies that help eliminate tooth decay to the growing but underserved Medicaid population.

As part of this new partnership, vVARDIS is piloting a study of its professional quality treatment in certain dental practices affiliated with CareQuest Institute for Oral Health (CareQuest Institute) and, upon completion, would look to expand access to the treatment for underserved and Medicaid populations. Additionally, vVARDIS and CareQuest Innovation Partner's nonprofit parent, CareQuest Institute, will work to establish and fund various philanthropic activities, including education programs for both patients and dental professionals to improve oral health and dentistry for historically marginalized populations. CareQuest Innovation Partners is a for-profit affiliate of CareQuest Institute for Oral Health focused on innovation advancement and impact investing.

"The soul of vVARDIS is service and ensuring the world has access to the highest quality oral care. Good oral health is critical to overall health and wellbeing and far too many low-income families and children lack access to quality oral care, much less the cutting-edge technology to keep their mouths and bodies healthy. We are proud to partner with CareQuest Innovation Partners to help improve oral health care and outcomes for the Medicaid population, which currently includes more than 37 million children," said Haleh and Golnar Abivardi, Founders of vVARDIS.

From their early days turning dentistry on its head, Haleh and Golnar Abivardi have always brought together their serial entrepreneurial spirit with a commitment to serving those most in need. They believe that everyone has a right to good oral health and have devoted tremendous resources to providing the highest quality oral care treatments to low-income families and the homeless in Switzerland. This new partnership brings their mission and commitment to service to the United States for the first time.

vVARDIS and CareQuest Innovation Partners will partner with the aim to develop and deploy new, low-cost treatments for state Medicaid programs, using the same core technology used in vVARDIS Professional Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus treatment.

Backed by proprietary science, vVARDIS' revolutionary technologies, as demonstrated by data arising from over 200 European clinical studies, is the next generation of oral care which we look forward to bringing to patients in the U.S.

vVARDIS' Professional Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus is a locally applied professional mouth rinse for an in-depth anti-cavity treatment of initial tooth decay or white spots lesions, which occurs when a layer of the enamel on a tooth becomes demineralized. Once applied onto a cleaned white spot, Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus' unique formulation helps the Fluoride and the calcium found in saliva penetrate the enamel, boosting the remineralization process of the enamel over time in a therapy called Guided Enamel Remineralization. 

vVARDIS and CareQuest Institute will also partner on philanthropic activities for the purpose of improving oral care for historically marginalized populations in the United States, including through the provision of novel preventive oral care products and services.  Together, vVARDIS and CareQuest Institute will work to enlist the support of philanthropic partner organizations to help raise awareness of the vital importance of oral health to the public.

"Partnerships like ours accelerate innovation in oral health care and bring us one step closer to a more accessible, equitable, and integrated oral health system for everyone," said Dr. Myechia Minter-Jordan, president and CEO of CareQuest Institute. "Our goal is to bring transformational new oral health treatments that helps heal tooth decay to those who have experienced barriers to care for too long.  By arming dental teams with new tools, we'll be able to fundamentally improve the patient experience and health of communities."

About vVARDIS:
Founded by Drs. Haley and Golnar Abivardi, vVARDIS is setting a new standard for oral care, believing that oral care is the indispensable foundation of holistic health and wellbeing.  The mission of vVARDIS is a drill-free future for the next generation. All products are made in Switzerland, backed by science, and vegan, clean and sustainable. Its globally patented technology revolutionizes dentistry and oral care. The foundation of the vVARDIS technology holds the key to the drill-free future Dr. Haleh and Golnar Abivardi envision for all.

About CareQuest Institute for Oral Health and CareQuest Innovation Partners:

CareQuest Institute for Oral Health is a national nonprofit championing a more equitable future where every person can reach their full potential through excellent health. CareQuest Institute does this through their work in grantmaking, research, health improvement programs, policy and advocacy, and education as well as their leadership in dental benefits, care delivery, and innovation advancements. CareQuest Institute collaborates with thought leaders, health care providers, patients, and local, state, and federal stakeholders, to accelerate oral health care transformation and create a system designed for everyone. To learn more, visit carequest.org and follow them on TwitterLinkedInFacebook, and Instagram.

CareQuest Innovation Partners is a for-profit affiliate of CareQuest Institute for Oral Health focused on innovation advancement and impact investing

A New Reason To Smile: Swiss Smile's Abivardi Sisters Launch vVardis, A Revolutionary New Concept In Premium Oral Care

Internationally Renowned Med. Dents. and entrepreneurs Golnar and Haleh Abivardi unveil a suite of sustainably produced oral care products supercharged with the first tooth whitener that is actually good for your teeth.

ZUG, Switzerland, Nov. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Introducing vVardis, a revolutionary step forward in premium oral care. Created by Golnar and Haleh Abivardi, the self-made entrepreneurs, internationally renowned dentists, and founders of leading international dental group Swiss Smile, vVardis launches with four dynamic products combining natural medicine with science, innovation with comfort, and premium quality with sustainability.

At the heart of the vVardis ritual is the Abivardi sisters' globally patented WX Formula, an FDA-approved, polyvalent biomimicking hydrogel that whitens safely and helps protect the teeth. In combination with fluoride, WX Formula takes care of enamel naturally, boosting fluoride's power. WX's whitening action is peroxide-free, coming from hydroxyapatite (HA) crystals that scatter and reflect light. Products with WX Formula can be used daily, even on sensitive teeth, composite crowns, and fillings. In addition to whitening, WX protects teeth against stains, and tones and freshens the entire oral ecosystem. With its effectiveness and gentleness, vVardis and WX Formula present an entirely new paradigm for oral wellness, putting sustainability and good health into conversation with pleasure, comfort and elegance.

WX Formula and the entire suite of vVardis oral care products are the result of a combined thirty years of dental and entrepreneurial experience, clinical research and creative vision by the Abivardi sisters. Too often people treat oral care as a chore. The Abivardis see the mouth and teeth as extensions of ourselves. Throughout their careers, starting with the founding of Swiss Smile and their own dental hygiene school, and now with vVardis, the Abivardis have centered the human and holistic. Swiss Smile's patient experience was groundbreaking, aimed at reducing patient panic and encouraging a new relationship to oral care.

"Our goal has always been to motivate people to take care of their oral health," says Dr. med. dent. Golnar Abivardi. Adds Haleh Abivardi: "As doctors, dentists, researchers and mothers, we know that when your mouth is healthy, your body follows. We wanted to develop products using the safest and best quality ingredients that are both good for your health and leave your mouth completely protected."

vVardis launches with four products, each inspired by and named for a distinct place or flower from Switzerland:

  • vVardis Aletsch, $250.00 - Aletsch is a brush-on gel serum with the highest concentration of WX Formula to ensure teeth are whiter, smoother and glossier from the first application. Because the powerful bioactive ingredients in vVardis Aletsch are gentle, it can be used at any time, even on sensitive teeth, ceramic crowns, and composite fillings.
  • vVardis Edelweiss, $55.00 - Edelweiss is a carefully crafted, premium fluoride toothpaste that protects against cavities and whitens the teeth. Boosted with a large dose of WX Formula, in combination with fluoride, it ensures optimal whitening and cleansing as it protects the enamel against cavities and stains. vVardis Edelweiss is enriched with hand-picked Alpenrose, an antibacterial humectant, and high-antioxidant Edelweiss extract and mint for long-lasting freshness. It is suitable for daily use, even on sensitive teeth.
  • vVardis Weissbad, $45.00 - Weissbad is a fluoride mouthwash enriched with WX Formula that immediately brightens the teeth and helps protect against cavities and stains while keeping the breath fresh for hours.
  • vVardis Rheinholz, $40.00 - Rheinholz is a BPA-free toothbrush crafted out of sustainably cultivated FSC Certified Swiss beechwood that is designed to prevent over-scrubbing and excess pressure from harsh brushing. Composed from a variety of bristle combinations and crafted to support whitening, Rheinholz is infused with anti-bacterial carbon particles and includes a row of tapered bristles to clean teeth more thoroughly and gently than conventional toothbrushes.

Sustainability is central to the vVardis brand. All wood, paper products and secondary packaging are made from FSC-Certified wood, which is the gold standard designation for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious, and economically viable. Edelweiss toothpaste comes in a Patented PICEA® wood tube, which is made from 95% renewable resources and utilizes sawdust created by German carpenters. All products are 100% vegan and sustainably produced in Switzerland.

vVardis launches direct-to-consumer in the US and is available at www.vvardis.com. All vVardis products can be purchased individually, or together as a vVardis Ritual set for $320.00.

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About vVardis:
vVardis is a revolutionary new concept in oral care that combines natural medicine with science, innovation with comfort, and premium quality with sustainability. vVardis insists that oral care is not just a question of hygiene and beauty, but of well-being and quality of life.

Inspired by nature and sustainably produced in Switzerland, vVarids is comprised of four dynamic products that give our mouths a reason to smile. vVardis's patented WX Formula whitens the teeth, protects against stains, boosts the efficacy of fluoride, gives the feeling of a professional tooth cleaning, and tones and freshens the entire oral ecosystem.

About Golnar & Haleh Abivardi:
vVardis is the crowning achievement of internationally renowned Swiss dentists Golnar and Haleh Abivardi, two sisters who have worked together since medical and dental school to close the gap between holistic and allopathic medical traditions.

For the Abivardis, who wrote their joint dissertation on the medicinal uses of plants and herbs, the human and holistic elements of dentistry have always come first. In the first phase of their joint career, they founded a high-end group of dental clinics in Switzerland, Swiss Smile, that combined cutting edge technology and technique with a total overhaul of every aspect of the patient experience, including a new emphasis on wellness.

In addition to their dental clinics, the Abivardis ran their own hygienist school and dental academy to promote further evolution across the dental field. In both endeavors they gained valuable insight that in turn fed their clinical research and informed their long-held vision of vVardis.