Watch Farmasi Miss Turkey 2021 LIVE Canlı Yayın from Fişekhane

Miss Turkey 2021 LIVE Online Results: Now Newly Crowned Su Bige Korucu Miss Farmasi Turkey 2021, Sira Sahilli Miss Turkey Supranational 2021, Cemrenaz Turhan Miss Universe Turkey 2021 an Dilara Korkmaz Crowned Miss Turkey World 2021 Parading For Audience lastly landing at main arch shaped dais, claps, camera click, congrats and LIVE Canlı Yayın from Fişekhane ends!!! Congratulations!!!

Crowning and Sash Moment with Final FARMASi Miss Turkey 2021 Results LIVE As It Happened:

  1. Contestant No.10 Su Bige Korucu Wins Miss FARMASi Turkey 2021 Crown and Sash by Mr. Emre Tuna, Director @ FARMASi Board, One of Jury Members after brief address

  2. Contestant No. 04 Sira Sahilli Gets Crowned Miss Turkey Supranational 2021 by Büşra Turan Miss Turkey Supranational 2019

  3. Contestant No. 20 Cemrenaz Turhan Crowned Miss Universe Turkey 2021 by Bilgi Nur Aydoğmuş Miss Turkey Universe 2019

  4. Contestant No.14 Dilara Korkmaz Crowned Miss Turkey World 2021 by Simay Rasimoğlu Miss Turkey World 2019


Evening Gown Round (Full Top To Bottom) Like Queens Approaching Arrival Parade: Top 10 Contestants in 3 Diamond Shape Platforms

01 Kayra Türkoviç Pink Gown

02 Yesim Toplu Aqua Blue Gown

03 Alara Eriç Blue Gown

04 Sira Sahilli Light Greenish Blue Gown

06 Tuana Cemere Kalban Light Pink Gown

10 Su Bige Korucu Light Shining Green Gown

11 Birsu Deniz Akozbek Blue Gown

14 Dilara Korkmaz Blueish Gown

19 Bahar Koltuklu Pink Gown

20 Cemrenaz Turhan Light Green Gown

Question Answer Round of Finalists out of Total 20 Miss Turkish 2021 Delegates

9.31 PM: Beauty Queens called in selection order Here are The Top 10 Finalists Farmasi Miss Turkey 2021 Results LIVE Online: (Gowns Like Frock)

  1. 01 Kayra Türkoviç White Gown
  2. 02 Yeşim Toplu White Gown
  3. 03 Alara Eriç White Gown
  4. 04 Şira Sahilli White Gown
  5. 06 Tuana Cemre Calban Golden Gown
  6. 10 Su Bige Korucu Silver Gown
  7. 11 Birsu Deniz Aközbek Silver Gown
  8. 14 Dilara Korkmaz Red Gown
  9. 19 Bahar Koltuklu Black Gown
  10. 20 Cemrenaz Turhan Black Gown

8.59 PM: All Miss Turkey 2021 Contestants started parade in White, Golden, Black, Silver and Red Gowns, like Turkish Angels on Earth LIVE in front of Your Own Eyes followed by Single Appearance in the same order starting from Contestant 1 to 20 in Solo Parade.

8:59 PM Wednesday, September 8, 2021 (GMT+3) Time in Turkey: Swim Suit Round Commences to Choose New FARMASİ Miss Turkey 2021 with order appearance:

  1. Kayra Türkoviç
  2. Yesim Toplu
  3. Alara Eric
  4. Sira Sahilli
  5. Ilyada Gokulp
  6. Tuana Cemere Kalban
  7. Nil Cukur
  8. Sevkan Oksuz
  9. Sena Lena Yavuz
  10. Su Bige Korucu
  11. Birsu Deniz Akozbek
  12. Bilsel Buse Kadioglu
  13. Selin Sahingoz
  14. Dilara Korkmaz
  15. Basak Ilhan
  16. Buse Orkan
  17. Berfin Ant
  18. Mercan Tezkan
  19. Bahar Koltuklu
  20. Cemrenaz Turhan

What Miss Turkey Supranational 2019 Büşra Turan REACTION & BEST WISHES to contestant in Final Camping 3 Day Prior to Coronation on September 5, 2021 is "We met with the girls and had a nice chat when there was little time left for me to hand over my crown. Their excitement is so sweet and contagious that it reminded me of my own camping process and moved me. You are all amazing girls good luck "

Similarly Sevval Sahin Miss Turkey World 2018 REACTION who enjoyed the Final Stage Camp in Bubbling with Top Turkish Beauties of 2021 Class as reflected in "Ayy I'm as excited as them!!! I went to visit the camp today and I'm feeling very hot and remember my own camping days🥺
Good luck girls, I said it today, but I'll write it here too, please stay in the moment and enjoy every day in the process, see you at the final night"

The Turkish Beauty Contest Jury / Judge Simay Rasimoğlu Miss Turkey World 2019 REACTION "OMG OMG We chose our top 20 finalists for 2021, it was incredibly enjoyable to be a jury!"

Miss Trkey 2021 Canlı Yayınını İzle Miss Turkey 2021 (Farmasi Miss Turkey / Miss Universe Turkey 2021 / Miss World Turkey / Miss Supranational Turkey)
Venue: Main Stage, FİŞEKHANE, Kazlıçeşme mah. Kennedy Cad, No52V, 34020, Zeytinburnu/Istanbul, Turkey
Schedule: Preliminary Wednesday, September 1, 2021, at 08:30
Final Wednesday , September 8, 2021
Tickets, Streaming, People's Choice Voting and Event Details Official Website::
Hosts: Berfu and Eser Yenenler

Miss Turkey 2021 Finalists (Finalistleri) Which are Seen / Watched Globally Farmasi Miss Turkey 2021 LIVE Canlı Yayın from Fişekhane are given below:
1 Kayra Türkoviç
2 Yeşim Toplu
3 Alara Eriç
4 Şira Sahilli
5 İlayda Gökalp
6 Tuana Cemre Calban
7 Nil Çukur
8 Sevcan Öksüz
9 Sena Leyla Yavuz
10 Su Bige Korucu
11 Birsu Deniz Aközbek
12 Birsel Buse Kadıoğlu
13 Selin Şahingöz
14 Dilara Korkmaz
15 Başak İlhan
16 Buse Orcan
17 Berfin Ant
18 Mercan Tezcan
19 Bahar Koltuklu
20 Cemrenaz Turhan

Previous Miss Turkey Crown Holders:

Simay Rasimoğlu Miss Turkey World 2019
Bilgi Nur Aydoğmuş Miss Turkey Universe 2019
Büşra Turan Miss Turkey Supranational 2019

Miss Turkey 2021 Official Sponsors List:
FARMAi (Website
Lazzoni Hotel (Website
Fisekhane (Website

Miss Turkey 2021 Official Judges / Jury Mebers List:
Fashion Designer Neslişah Yılmaz, Barrus London Co-founder, Creative Director and Lecturer Marmara University

About Miss Turkey Organization: President Can Sandikcioglu
The National Beauty Pageant in Turkey is managed by MISS TURKEY ORGANIZATION CIK PRODUCTION LTD. is located at Garaj SK 4/11 Mecidiyeköy Istanbul, 80290 Turkey, has been the license holder of "Miss World", "Miss Universe", "Miss Supranational" and "Miss International" competitions since 1980. The "Miss Turkey" contest sends its four beauties to these contests held in various parts of the world to represent her country. Miss Turkey Organization aims to present the characteristics and image of the Turkish people to the world in the best possible way.

MTO believe that today's women are modern, smart and beautiful women who have goals in life, renew themselves. The girls, who have experienced the Miss Turkey experience, have carried these characteristic features into their daily lives.

All "Miss Turkey" finalists are among the most valuable examples of today's Turkish women, from those who made a mark in history by being selected as Miss World, to those who carried the experience they shared with us to other professional careers.

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