Virtual Externship by The Financial Planning Association to 907 Students

FPA Virtual Externship is Underway with 907 Students, Career Changers, and Seasoned Financial Professionals Participating
The eight-week immersive experience to provide a crash course into how financial planning is done by seasoned financial planners with support by Schwab Advisor Services in partnership with Charles Schwab Foundation, eMoney Advisor, Kaplan, among others

Hero Teacher Mrs. Kavita Hirwani in Padhai Tuhar Duar Portal

Narayanpur: Safarnama on completion of 1 year of our Nayak column of studies Tuhar Duar portal

Selection of teacher Mrs. Kavita Hirwani as our hero in Padhai Tuhar Duar Portal, Who believes satisfaction in teaching and parents is great asset

On May 25, a state-level webinar safranama was organized by the Chhattisgarh School Education Department, Composite Education, on May 25, on completion of the successful 1st year of the scheme conducted under Narayanpur 27 May 2021 studies Tuhar Duar program.

Webinar Safarnama Spectacular One Year Hero Teacher Sangeeta Panda

Mahasamund: One year journey of our Nayak column of the Tuhan Duar portal read
Selection of teacher Mrs. Sangeeta as our hero in Padhai Tunhar Duar Portal

Raipur, 27 May 2021: On May 25, A state-level webinar safarnama (spectacular one year) was organized by Chhattisgarh Samagra Shiksha to mark the completion of one year of our Nayak column of Padhai Tuhar Duar Portal.

Orkun Altintas and Shantanu Gangakhedkar Webinar on Growth in Airports

Frost & Sullivan's upcoming webinar on global total airport management to feature Orkun Altintas, Frost & Sullivan's Aerospace & Defense experts and Shantanu Gangakhedkar for the Growth Opportunity briefing on subject "Total Airport Management to Drive Growth in Airports Across the Globe" The Airport Webinar is Scheduled on June 2 at 5 p.m. SGT.

Frost & Sullivan Explores How Total Airport Management is Transforming Operations for Greater Efficiency

Rewati Raman College Surajpur Webinar on Food-Planet-Health by Aastha Gupta

Surajpur 16 May 2021 National Service Planning Unit Government Rewati Raman Mishra Post Graduate College Surajpurhosted a webinar on Food-Planet-Health in the distinguished hospitality of NSS Coordinator Dr. Anil Sinha of Sant Ghira Guru University, Surguja and NSS District Organizer Professor Manikchand Himdhar.

Lecture delivered by Vegan Outreach Coordinator Ms. Aastha Gupta. Through webinars, the effects on human health and the environment from dairy and animal products were discussed. The webinar was conducted by NSS Program Officer Shri Chandra Bhushan Mishra.

Education Sector Budget Implementation Webinar: What PM Modi said?

PM addresses webinar on effective implementation of Budget provisions regarding education sector

Budget expands the efforts made to link Education with Employability and Entrepreneurial Capabilities: PM

India, Wednesday, 03 March 2020: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a webinar on effective implementation of Budget provisions regarding the Education sector. 

Legal Service Authority webinar on Girl's Day on 24 January

Jaipur 22 January 2021. The Executive Chairman of the Rajasthan State Legal Services Authority, the judge, Mr. Sangeet Raj Lodha will address the closing ceremony of the Girl's Day on January 24 at 12:00 noon through a webinar.

Ralsa celebrated Girl Child Day by organizing legal service programs throughout the week and the judicial officers of Rajasthan provided information about legal service programs through a webinar to celebrate Girl Child Day.

Dr. Priyanka Shukla Virtual Presentation in 7th NHM National Summit on Good, Replicable Practices

Raipur: Union Health Ministry appreciated the innovations being made in the health sector in Chhattisgarh: Dr. Priyanka Shukla, Director of National Health Mission gave a presentation on the innovations at the seventh National Health Summit from Video Conference

7th National Health Summit on Good Replicable Practice & Innovation in Public Health Care System was inaugurated by India's Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on 28 December 2020

Raipur. 07 January 2021