Chhattisgarh Bans All religious, social, political and other events

Pandemic Ban Exempted Events are weddings and funerals allowed only in presence of more than 10 persons with proper permission from designated authority by Chhattisgarh Government

Government issues detailed guidelines regarding social, religious and other events in Pandemic Era
All types of religious, social, political and other events are completely banned

Chhattisgarh Collectors & SPs To Keep Vigil on Pandemic Marriage Ceremonies

Marriages and Weddings have been found as super spreader in Chhattisgarh. CM Baghel has taken strong against in Virtual Collectors and SPs Conference instructing them to keep strict vigil on regulations

All Collectors and SPs should ensure that more than the prescribed number of people do not attend wedding and dashagatra programs - Chief Minister Baghel
10 people allowed to attend wedding and dashagatra program

Intensive investigation and testing of people coming in border and mining areas from outside