Working on the concept of Prevention Better Than Cure, Arogya Bharti is making common people aware: Gov. Uikey

Governor inaugurated the meeting of All India delegation of Arogya Bharti Chhattisgarh Province

Raipur, 23 October 2021: Governor inaugurated the meeting of All India delegation of Arogya Bharti Chhattisgarh province

 Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uikey inaugurated the meeting of All India delegation of Arogya Bharti Chhattisgarh province by worshiping Lord Dhanvantari and lighting the lamp. On this occasion, the Governor said that we should keep our lifestyle and food habits in such a way that diseases stay away from us. Anyone who works according to nature has good immunity and remains healthy. Working on the concept of 'Prevention Better Than Cure', Arogya Bharti is making common people aware of health.

The Governor said that during the Corona period, the person who had good immunity was the most protected. In the Corona era, people were made to realize how much health conscious they should be. During the Corona period, many people had to face the problem of oxygen, due to which people realized the importance of oxygen and pure air. Pure air is obtained from trees and plants. We should conserve trees and plants. The Governor said that he himself has developed a small garden in the home district of Chhindwara, in which a large number of trees and plants have been planted. They themselves try to spend some time with nature and take care of plants. The result of such efforts is that she remained safe during the corona period and could not be affected by this disease.
The Governor said that the state of Chhattisgarh is one of the few special states in the country, which has abundant forest resources and has a rich heritage of medicinal herbs. The traditional Vaidyas and Baiga of our tribal society have immense knowledge of these herbs, which cure many serious diseases. He said that even today there are people in our country who tell diseases after seeing the pulse and also give them medicines. The Governor also urged to preserve these traditional learnings and give information to the new generation.

He said that for the prevention of diseases during the Corona period, the local experts made commendable efforts for health awareness, whose effect was also visible. Rare and common types of herbal plants have been planted in a village named "Gangrel" of district Dhamtari in Chhattisgarh, which increases knowledge for the doctors and general public working in the Ayurvedic field.
The Governor said that at present the modern medical system, which includes AYUSH systems, is developing well, as a result of which good success is being achieved in the state even in epidemics like corona. Mitanin workers and Anganwadi workers working in the state also have an important contribution in this work. He said that certification of traditional medical systems would help in providing quality health facilities even in remote rural areas.

Appreciating the work done by Arogya Bharti during the Corona period, Ms. Uike said that if Arogya Mitras should be prepared to work in rural areas and if work is done in the field of health with their cooperation, then our Chhattisgarh will be included in the leading states of the country. . In this program, the Governor released the souvenir of Arogya Bharti "Rahibo Bane-Rakhbo Bane" and the book Arogya Sampada and inaugurated the website of Arogya Bharti Sanstha. The program was also addressed by the National President of Arogya Bharti, Dr. Rakesh Pandit and the President of Arogya Bharti's Chhattisgarh province, Mr. Anil Karnawat. Dr. Rakesh Kotecha, Secretary, Department of AYUSH, Government of India, along with doctors and members of Arogya Bharti Sanstha were present in the program.