World Water Day 2021 Pledge for Conservation

Pledge of water conservation and water promotion on World Water Day

Raipur, 22 March 2021

Water is life on the occasion of World Water Day, the use, preservation and swearing of water was taken. In Jashpur district, Swachhgrahayas, villagers and public representatives working under the Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen Yojana gave a message of better tomorrow by making collective labor for the protection of water sources and water resources. Collective labor was donated in village panchayats of other development blocks including Kunkuri, Farsabhar, Jashpur, Pathalgaon in the district. Under which all villagers, including Gram Panchayat Bokhi of Farsabhar, Gram Panchayat Kharidodhi of Pathalgaon, donated labor and organized hand washing, rally, sanitation dialogue programs by cleaners and villagers near ponds, sewers, hand pumps, wells and other water sources. The message of conservation, cleanliness and hygiene of water sources was given by washing the hands of the cleaners and villagers. Also, water conservation and water promotion was taken on the occasion of World Water Day for water conservation and safe use of drinking water in various gram panchayats.

      During this time, the cleaners were motivated for safe drinking water and use of lotus with the same and other people were advised not to clean the utensils around the water sources and appealed not to clean the dishes near the hand pumps. Also, instead of draining waste water flowing from water sources on the roads, they can be used in small nutritional enclosures. Due to which there will be availability of water in the nutrition garden and it will be able to get rid of the dirt. Along with this, detailed information was given to villagers regarding water-borne diseases.