Wuhan to Bhopal Returned Woman has No Corona Symptoms

No signs of corona in the woman who came Bhopal from Wuhan, China
Bhopal: Friday, March 20, 2020, No symptoms of corona virus were found in the girl who reached Bhopal from Wuhan (China). According to the information given by the Director State Health Information Education Communication Bureau, the woman's JP Checked in the hospital. The girl was completely healthy. No symptoms of corona were found in it. The girl left Wuhan city on 20 December 2019 and reached India on 24 January 2020 via Mexico.

Seeing the outbreak of Corona in Wuhan, this girl who reached Bhopan was asked by her family members to stay in India. Since then she has been living in various cities of India. The girl reached Bhopal on 17 March 2020. Girl's JP Checked in by the doctor at the hospital. She was completely healthy, no symptoms of corona were found in it. The next day the girl left for Kolkata.