Yashaswi Jashpur's Sankalp Coaching NEET Student Success Story of Nitish Kumar Soni

Jashpurnagar: Nitish Kumar Soni of Vananchal region made Jashpur proud after earning success in NEET exam
Collectors and teachers of Sankalp Coaching educational institution congratulated

Sankalp Coaching Institute is DMF Funded Yashaswi Jashpur Project

Jashpurnagar 20 October 2020

Nitish Kumar Soni, another promising boy from Yashswi Jashpur, has given Jashpur an opportunity to be proud. This student of Sankalp Shikshan Sansthan, run by the District Administration under the head of Mineral Trust, was meritorious since childhood. Seeing the lack of health facilities in his village, Nitish started dreaming of becoming a doctor from childhood. In the small village, he completed his primary education under the guidance of the father posted in the post of teacher, but due to the transfer of father, Nitish had to study further by getting admission in a private school. Then Dream-30 was launched by the district administration at Sankalp Shikshan Sansthan and Nitish got the opportunity to fulfill his dreams. After getting selected, student Nitish took admission in Sankalp Shikshan Sansthan. After coming here, he understood what education is and how it is done. Under the continuous guidance of the principal and teachers of the institute, Nitish's studies continued to improve and he came closer to his destination. Due to the guidance of teachers and his dedication and hard work, student Nitish passed the class X with 93.8 percentile. He decided to continue his 11th and 12th studies from this institute because he had more faith in this institution than studying in expensive coaching institute. In 11th-12th, Sankalp Shikshan Sansthan provided coaching for admission in engineering and medical institutes. He was aware of the result here. Therefore, he started studying here and also passed the 12th examination with 92.20 percent marks and made the institute proud.
In view of the corona epidemic, this year Sankalp Shikshan Sansthan decided to provide online coaching to students, in which all the students continued to receive guidance. Along with all the students in the NEET examination, Nitish also appeared in this examination and finally the result of the examination came. Nitish qualified the NEET exam with 88.12 percentile and made the entire district including the institute proud. Nitish credits his success to the constant guidance and encouragement of teachers, including the district administration, and the principals of Sankalp, to their parents. He wants to serve his village and society by becoming a successful doctor. The district administration, the principal, teachers and all the staff of Sankalp Shikshan Sansthan wish him a bright future.