Yasmina Zaytoun is CROWNED Miss Universe Lebanon 2022

Reigning Queen Maya Reaidy Miss Lebanon Universe 2018 and Miss Lebanon 2018 has just crowned her successor, the WINNER against 16 CONTESTANTS, Yasmina Zaytoun Miss Universe Lebanon 2022, Miss World Lebanon 2022 and Miss Lebanon 2022 at the end of Grand Finale at Forum de Beyrouth Event venue in Beirut, Lebanon today on Sun, Jul 24, 2022 night in presence of special guests CEO and chairperson Julia Morley, Stephen Douglas Morley, Miss World 2021 Karolina Bielawska, her first runner-up, Miss World Americas 2021 and Beauty With A Purpose Ambassador Shree Saini, second runner-up and Miss World Africa 2021 Olivia Yacé, and Miss World 2019 Toni-Ann Singh with many more dignitaries at LBCI TV LIVE Broadcast. The Host was Aimée Sayah and Entertainer was Nancy Ajram the Queen of Arab Pop, Lebanese singer, television personality and businesswoman.

Sun, Jul 24, 2022: Newly Crowned Lebanese Beauty Queen Yasmina Zaytoun Miss Universe Lebanon 2022 will represent her nation Lebanon at the 71ST Miss Universe 2022 Competition where India's Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe 2021 will crown her successor at the end of the Grand Finale in the New Orleans Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States on Sat, Jan 14, 2023.

Full Name Yasmina Ismail Zaytoun (ياسمينة إسماعيل زيتون) aka Yasmina Zaytoun @yasminazaytoun, Official Age 20, is passionate about her beloved country, Lebanon. She is confident that she can project the identity of her community and heritage for what she believes it is; a culture of people who love life, love unity, and pray for peace. The explosion in Lebanon on August 4, 2020 caused over 50% of the Lebanese people to live below poverty and unemployment skyrocketed. Her sense of responsibility to her country has pushed her to help more families through her own foundation “bemouin.lb.” Zaytoun is also an Ambassador for the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon, a leading national organization dedicated to the treatment and support of kids and adolescents with cancer.

She is devoted to motivational speaking and began her own social media show “With Yasmina Show” in 2020. She is currently working towards her Master’s in Journalism at Notre Dame University, Lebanon. Zaytoun utilizes her platform to deliver important messages, especially her young followers. She was inspired to start her campaign #QueensWithoutFilters, which provides an instagram overlay with a crown but no filters inspiring people to love themselves as they are.

Check Yasmina Zaytoun Visuals telling Interesting Facts at The IG Guide of Lebanese Beauty Queen who is 20 Years Official Age Here and wait for the ultimate performance of her like in Miss Universe New Orleans Arena!!!

Miss Universe Online Voting 2022 Now LIVE: Last Date is Jan 13th at 12PM ET

Moments after she was crowned as a queen on the throne of Lebanese beauty.. Young Yasmina Zeitoun in her first interview with the LBCI, watch what she said and how her family received the news of the victory!