Yely Rivera CROWNS Alessia Rovegno Miss Universe Peru 2022

2021 Miss Universe Peru & Miss Peru Yely Rivera just crowns her successor at the grand finale on Tue, June 14, 2022 which is seen everywhere as LIVE TV Broadcast on America Television

2022 Miss Peru Alessia Rovegno Miss Universe Peru 2022 will represent her nation in Miss Universe 2022!!!

Ale is a Singer-songwriter too as she tells "the first song I wrote a few years ago and the first one I share with a lot of love" on her song Un Amor Como el Nuestro release, produced by herself, Producer: Alessia Rovegno and Barbara Cayo!!! Check the beautiful song at the last of this news.

Do you know Alessia & Vambina? The Influencer Deo? Yes your guess us right they are sisters, models, singers & influencers duo Alessia and Vambina have recorded covers, performed at concerts and are Peruvian Television Personality. Now Alessia Rovegno of Alessia & Vambina is Miss Universe Peru, on road to Miss Universe 2022!!!

Lets explore further Alessia Rovegno Miss Universe Peru 2022 is daughter of Actress Barbara Key aka Bárbara Cecilia Cayo Sanguinetti. Actress, singer-songwriter, presenter and music, TV producer an audiovisual communicator by profession, Barbara Key has pioneered a family of artists from Peru: Fiorella Cayo , Stephanie Cayo and Macs Cayo in Peru Entertainment World.

So, New Miss Universe Peru 2022 Alessia Rovegno is member of The very Influential Peruvian Entertainer Cayo Family. Ale aka Alessia Rovegno aka Arianna Celeste Rovegno Cayo is just 25, the eldest daughter of Bárbara Cayo and Lucho Rovegno who ha siblings Alessia, 23 and Gaetano, 12. The Multifaceted Peruvian Persona has studied Business & Marketing at Pace University New York but you know life has another plan for her. Lets wait what she will do at upcoming Miss Universe 2022. But one thing is sure & certain, Alessia Rovegno is now Universal Personality destined to be very popular and Influencer with Unlimited & Ultimate Scope. New Miss Peru 2022 Alessia Rovegno is owner of La Bambina baguette shop in Rovegno.


Alessia & Vambina on cover photo for NADA SERI, Enjoy at these places


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