Franceska Rustem Headshot

Franceska Rustem is crowned Miss Universe Albania 2024

The Reigning Queen Endi Demneri, Miss Universe Albania 2023 is Franceska Rustem becamed winner against 18 contestants and crowned Miss Universe Albania 2024 at the end of Grand Finale Today on Saturday, June 8, 2024 in Tirana.

The Miss Universe Albania 2024, Queen Franceska Rustem will represent her country at The 73RD Miss Universe 2024-25 Pageant in the Host Country Mexico.

Knowing The Queen in Her Own Words: Franceska Rustem @franceskarustemm, 19, born and raised in the beautiful city of Durrës

I live with my parents, brother and sister. Winston Churchill’s expression, “Success is not permanent, failure is not fatal”, always inspires me. For me, courage is the key to face challenges.

The parents, the mother originally from Korça and the father from Cologne, have passed down wonderful traditions in our family, which stand out; patriotism, culture, clean and colorful language making me proud of my background.

From a young age, one of my passions has been modeling, which I have turned into my profession today. At the same time, I continue my studies, trying to give my best. Education remains one of my most important goals to fulfill.

Traveling, reading and physical activity are among my passions which make me discover more about the world and myself.

I am very brave and at the same time dreamy. This duality makes me fight to realize my dreams, my desires and not stop before the difficulties that life can face me.

A beautiful dream that I have set myself the goal of realizing is my participation in MISS UNIVERSE ALBANIA.

In my steps towards the realization of this dream, my support and point of strength remains the family, which with the love and dedication shown at every moment, have made me the girl I am today.

I decided to participate in MISS UNIVERSE to fulfill my dream and at the same time to reveal the virtues that I think characterize me, to show that behind a beautiful girl (a gift with which nature has blessed her), there is a sensitive girl, but at the same time strong.

Virtues that I want to put at the service of protecting the various causes that I will undertake further, which I want to represent with dignity and trust.

“I am the daughter of the waves and just as they never stop hugging the shore every day, I will never stop daring and working hard to make my dreams come true. Dare you too! Follow your dreams! Work hard for them! You will make it”