1041 Posts Vacancy in Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Medical College and Hospital

1041 posts sanctioned for various posts in Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Hospital and Medical College

On the initiative of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, the college and hospital have been acquired by the state government from the point of view of student interest and public convenience.

Raipur, 16 September 2021: The state government has approved 1041 posts for recruitment in Government New Medical College and Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Hospital. These include approval for 616 posts in Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Hospital and 425 posts in Government Medical College. A letter to this effect has been issued to the Director Medical Education by the Department of Medical Education, Mahanadi Bhawan, Mantralaya.
It is worth mentioning that on the initiative of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, the state government has acquired Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Hospital and Medical College keeping in mind the interest of the students and public convenience. Approval has been given for one post each for Hospital Superintendent and Assistant Hospital Superintendent in the Office of the Hospital Superintendent in Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Hospital. Similarly, one post has been approved for Administrative Officer, Medical Record Officer, Office Superintendent, Medico Social Worker, Assistant Office Superintendent, Dietician and Biochemist. Five posts for Assistant Grade-2, one post each for Cashier and Accountant, five posts for Pharmacy Grade-2, one post for Steward, two posts for Store Keeper, five posts for Assistant Grade-3, Daftary Approval has been given for two posts for S.O. and 5 posts for gratuity.
Similarly, in the Office of Nursing Superintendent, one post each for Nursing Superintendent and Deputy Nursing Superintendent and four posts for Assistant Nursing Superintendent has been approved. Similarly, 30 posts for nursing sister, 170 posts for staff nurse, two posts for tailor, one post for carpenter, one post for head cook, 195 posts for ward boy, sweeper cum attendant, barber and cook assistant. Approval has been given for one post each.
In Medical Record Section, one post has been sanctioned for statistician, four posts for coding clerk, five posts for record clerk, one post for stono typist, two posts each for daftry and clerk. In Central Sterilization, one post has been approved for Assistant Nursing Superintendent, four posts each for Staff Nurse, Technician, Technical Assistant, Ward Boy and Sweeper. In laundry services, two posts for supervisor, 12 posts each for washerman and packer have been approved. Approval has been given for 6 posts each for Technician and Store Keeper, Lab Attendant and two posts for Record Keeper in Blood Bank.
Similarly, in casualty services, four posts are for casualty medical officer, two posts for staff nurse, three posts for technician, two posts for ECG technician, three posts for radiographer, two posts for receptionist clerk, ward boy and stretcher. 6-6 posts have been sanctioned for Bearer. In Central Workshop, one post each for Assistant Engineer Electrical, Assistant Engineer Mechanical, Senior Technician Mechanical, Senior Technician Electrical, Senior Technician Electronics and Senior Technician Refrigeration, two posts for Junior Technician, one post each for Carpenter and Blacksmith And approval has been given for four posts for Attendant.
Similarly for Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Medical College, one post for Dean, 21 posts for Professor, 38 posts for Associate Professor, 67 posts for Assistant Professor, one post for Assistant Professor (Epidomyology), Statistician cum One post for Demonstrator, 29 posts for Tutor-Demonstrator, 36 posts for Senior Resident, 50 posts for Junior Resident and two posts of Dental Surgeon have been approved. In the Dean's Office, one post each for Administrative Officer, Computer Programmer, Librarian, PTI, Office Superintendent, Senior Auditor, three posts for Assistant Office Superintendent, one post for Assistant Programmer, three posts for Medico Social Worker, Assistant Librarian One Post for Stenographer, 10 Posts for Stenographer, Two Posts for Computer Operator, One Post for Accountant, 12 Posts for Assistant Grade-2, Two Posts for Cataloger, Two Posts for Library Assistant, Assistant Grade-3 15 Posts for Driver, 5 Posts for Driver, 2 Posts for Library Attendant, 7 Posts for Servant, 7 Posts for Chowkidar, 3 Posts for Cleaner, Four Posts for Pump Attendant, 20 Posts for Servant and Gardener Approval has been given for 4 posts.
Similarly, 20 posts for Lab Technician, one post for Modeller, 9 posts for Lab Attendant, 18 posts for Sweeper, 4 posts of Dixon Hall Attendant have been approved in Paraclinical Department. 3 Posts for Stono Typist in Anatomy Department, 7 Posts for Store Keeper in Pathology Department, Three Posts for Record Clerk in Urban Health Training Centre, One Post for Public Health Nurse in Rural Health Training Centre, Health Inspector-Health Assistant (Male) has been approved for two posts and one post of Health Educator.