Abi Lange crowns Chloe Fisher Miss Colorado Teen USA 2022

Abi Lange Miss Colorado Teen USA 2021 has just crowned her successor Chloe Fisher Miss Colorado Teen USA 2022 which completes the class of Miss Teen USA 2022

Chloe Fisher Miss Colorado Teen USA 2022 will represent her CO State at the upcoming Miss Teen USA 2022. She will be graduate at NJC, Northeastern Junior College in 2023 and went to Sterling High School. Chloé Fisher is Fashion Model, 5’10 and is Miss Logan County Teen USA 2022. Her goal is to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Must check a detailed interview with her here https://shoutoutdfw.com/meet-chloe-fisher-model-pageant-queen-future-neonatal-nurse-practitioner/

Contestant Statement: The day is here! I just wanted to take a step back and appreciate the journey that I have been on leading up to this day. I am beyond grateful to have the chance to compete this year in the Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant. It would not have been possible without the continued generosity of my friends,family and coaches. As I prepare to pack up and start this amazing day, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank to those that helped contribute to make this possible. Thank you to those that have always believed in me. And finally thank you to everyone following along in my journey. I am truly proud and honored to represent my small town of Sterling, as well as Logan County this year.

Thank you @iamchloereece for your constant support and encouragement. Thank you for making me the best version of myself❤️

Thank you @mk.makeup.artistry for being my lifesaver this pageant weekend with hair and makeup, as well as with my amazing headshots!

Thank you @crown_jewel_designs for making my earrings dreams come to life! I can’t wait to have the opportunity to wear them tomorrow!

And finally, thank you @grantfoto for these killer headshots!


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With Miss Colorado Teen USA being LESS than 3 weeks away, I thought it was time to show my official headshot!

Thank you to @iamchloereece for being the best mentor and pageant coach there is. You have given me not only the prep I needed for this upcoming pageant, but a new sense of confidence that I have taken into my everyday life. Thank you for being my inspiration!

Thank you @grantfoto for the amazing headshots! I had the best experience having the chance to meet and work with you! These turned out AMAZING!

Thank you @mk.makeup.artistry for the fantastic makeup in my headshots! Your work is absolutely beautiful. Maybe one day I can learn how to do mine like this😉

Thank you @crown_jewel_designs for the BEST pageant earrings I have ever seen!🤩they look as beautiful on stage as they do in the pictures. So excited to wear my own this upcoming month!

Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!!


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FashionWest runway show “Vanity”


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