Access Granted: Miss Bahamas World Beauty With A Purpose Project Released

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  • Beauty with a Purpose was created by Julia Morley in 1972

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  • An Initiative to Provide FREE Covid Test in The Bahamas is My Beauty of Purpose Project: Sienna Evans Miss World Bahamas

Why This BWP is precious? The Bahamas don't have FREE Corona Test, Covid-19 Detection Facility for Public. The FREE Medical Facility is setup by Sienna Evans To Help People in Dire Need

Nassau, Bahamas and San Juan, Puerto Rico, Tue, Nov 30, 2021:– Access Granted - the 2021 Miss Bahamas Beauty with a Purpose (BWP) Project - has been released by the Miss World on its official YouTube channel alongside BWP projects from across the globe. The video highlights the charitable outreach performed by Sienna Evans who chose as her project to provide widespread access to medical services to those most in need by way of her network of Access Medical Labs. Specifically, Sienna offered free Covid testing and worked with a team to create an AI generated service which connects mental health professionals the world over with persons in need of counselling in their specific area of specialty.

Beauty with a Purpose was created by Julia Morley in 1972 and is at the heart of Miss World. Hundreds of millions of pounds have been raised and donated to local and international organizations in aid of disadvantaged children the world over. The Children’s Charity Variety, for example, has been closely associated with Beauty with a Purpose for many years. Other causes which have benefited from Beauty with a Purpose include the funding for Cleft Palate Teams in South America, Sri Lanka and Russia, three fundraising tours to support abandoned and neglected children in Vietnam, long term support for both Operation Hunger and the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Africa; and teaming up with Jackie
Chan and the Chinese Red Cross to bring financial aid to those most seriously affected by the Asian tsunami. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised to the benefit of the most vulnerable in society through the empowerment of Beauty with a Purpose.

The Miss World contestants with the support of their National Organizations have set up Beauty with a Purpose projects in more than 100 countries. This gives tens of thousands of young women every year, the opportunity to use their abilities to make a real and lasting contribution to the lives of the sick and disadvantaged.

Sienna, as the owner of Access Medical labs, chose to give free Covid tests and offer mental health counselling as her project.

“Beauty with a Purpose is such an important part of the Miss World competition and to be selected as one of the best would truly be an honor and a testament that her efforts have been worthwhile.
Regardless of what happens at the competition, we are very proud of the work that Sienna has done, and we believe that it will speak for itself through the lives it impacts in the years to come.”
Michelle Malcolm, President – Miss Bahamas Organization

The winner of the Beauty with a Purpose competition automatically advances to the semifinals of the Miss World competition. Bahamians and pageant fans everywhere are being asked to put their support behind Sienna by voting for her one of three ways: downloading the Mobstar app, following Sienna Evans and liking all of her content by swiping right or pressing the star; liking and following her on the official Miss World – Bahamas Facebook page; and finally voting for her on the Miss World website on her contestants page. The eventual winner of the public vote will capture the Miss World Multimedia award and will also be fast tracked to the pageant semifinals. The Miss World
Finale is scheduled for December 16 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

About MBO
Established in 2005, the Miss Bahamas Organization® (MBO) is a company that advances and supports today's women through its Passion for Pageantry with a Purpose. Our mission is to bring out the personal bests women seek to achieve by cultivating their passions, self-image, and education in an environment that encourages the pursuit of purpose, promotes discipline, and supports the strengthening of character. The Miss Bahamas Organization® prepares them to take on the world as women who are aware of the power that derives from fulfilling their purpose, and who use that power to impact the welfare of humanity. MBO achieves its mission by unearthing, training, and unveiling the nation's finest women through an annual national beauty pageant system in The Bahamas. This system incorporates months of intensive grooming, coaching and preparation that culminate with the coronation of a goodwill ambassador who will represent her country in the Miss World pageant, promotional events, and charitable endeavours.

An Initiative to Provide FREE Covid Test in The Bahamas is My Beauty of Purpose Project: Sienna Evans Miss World Bahamas

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