Adam Caller, CEO of Tutors International has seen an increase in parents moving their families out of Europe and seeking private tuition for their children

"Parents are having to up sticks at short notice, often having made no plans about their child’s schooling, and that is where we, at Tutors International, can help". (PRNewsfoto/Tutors International (TI Education))

Tutors International Announces Increase in Enquiries for Private Tuition from Families Relocating at Short Notice

OXFORD, England, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Adam Caller, CEO and Founder of Tutors International recently announced that his company has seen an increase in enquiries from families wishing to employ a private tutor for their child. The majority of these enquiries have come from parents who have previously migrated and settled in Europe, however, many are having to uproot their families again as they find themselves targets of abuse and discrimination.

Feeling unwelcome in the West, many of these families are opting to move to countries with no visa requirements, such as the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Central Asia, Serbia and Turkey


Tutors International – The Solution

Caller has this to say on the matter:

"Many of the parents I have spoken to have found themselves victims of Western sanctions and discrimination. However, their children are innocent victims and there should be no backlash against them, nor should their education have to be disrupted. Parents are having to up sticks at short notice, often having made no plans about their child's schooling, and that is where we, at Tutors International, can help".

"Tutors International provides tutors who can offer full-time, elite residential tuition for every stage of your child's educational journey, as well as helping to maintain continuity in your child's education," Caller explains. "Our recruitment process allows us to find a tutor for your child who can offer personalised curricula leading to academic excellence. We can offer specialised help to get the best out of your child if they have learning difficulties or are gifted and talented and need a tutor to help them reach their potential. Perhaps your child has been bullied at school and has lost confidence? Whatever it is, we can help, but my advice to parents who are considering private residential home tuition, either here in the UK or abroad, is to contact us now so that we have the time to design the very best personalised home-schooled learning programme for your child."

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Tutors International provides an unparalleled private tutoring service that matches the right private home tutor with the right child, in order for the student to fully reach their personal potential and academic excellence. Delivering an international private tuition service for children of all ages at different points in their educational journeys, Tutors International is founded on a commitment to finding the perfect tutor to realise the specific goals and aspirations of each student. Tutors are available for residential full-time positions, after-school assistance, and homeschooling.

Founded in 1999 by Adam Caller, Tutors International is a private company based in Oxford, a city renowned for academic excellence. Our select clientele receives a personally tailored service, with discretion and confidentiality guaranteed.

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