Bakawand & Tokamal Vegetables Supply to Raipur, Bhilai, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh in Corona Lockdown

Vegetables of the farmers of Bastar's Bakawand and Tokamal are being sold in the market of Raipur, Bhilai, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh
Farmers to allow transport of vegetables under lockdown

Chief Minister and Agriculture Minister expressed gratitude

Vegetables saved from ruin due to supply system in big cities
Millions benefit to Bastar farmers by getting fair price

    Raipur, 14 May 2020 Vegetables produced by farmers of Bakawand and Tokamal eelake in remote Bastar district of Chhattisgarh state are being sold in the markets of Raipur, Bhilai to Nagpur in border Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh in Telangana state. During the lockdown period, the system of transportation of vegetables from Bakavand and Tokamal Eilake to the big markets of Chhattisgarh state and other states has been ensured by the district administration Bastar on the special initiative of the sensitive Chief Minister of the state Mr. Bhupesh Baghel and Agriculture Minister Mr. Ravindra Chaubey. Due to this, the vegetable producing farmers of Bastar have not only survived the economic loss, but also the vegetables in big cities. Mr. supply is being felt to meet them cost-effective. The farmers of Bakavand and Tokamal Eilake have thanked the Chief Minister, Agriculture Minister and District Administration Bastar for allowing the transportation of vegetables during the lockdown.

    Sales of their vegetable and fruit products became a difficult challenge to vegetable growers of Bastar in the early stages of a nationwide lockdown to prevent infection of the corona virus (Covid-19). The farmers were also unable to get fair prices of vegetables. Farmers were forced to sell vegetables at a quarter to one price. The situation was that they could not even get the wages of vegetable, chilli, tomato and cucumber etc. from their fields. Desperate, farmers had stopped harvesting vegetables. On getting information about this situation, the Chief Minister and the Agriculture Minister instructed the district administration to ensure the necessary arrangements. The officers and employees of the plains level including the collector Jagdalpur and the Deputy Director Horticulture Department approached the farmers and resolved their problems promptly. The district administration immediately issued a pass to transport vegetables, and also directed the police department to cooperate in it. The Deputy Director Horticulture contacted the big vegetable traders and made arrangements to buy the vegetables produced by the farmers. The result of these efforts began to be found soon. Due to lack of transportation of vegetables during the initial phase of lockdown, the farmers were hardly able to sell chillies at the rate of 4 to 6 rupees per kg, tomatoes at 3 to 4 rupees per kg, cucumber 1 to 2 rupees per kg. Far from being a matter of profit to the farmers, they were not able to get wages for harvesting vegetables. As soon as the transportation of vegetables was allowed, the traders started buying the same vegetables from farmers in two to three times the price. Chillies produced by farmers are now being bought by vegetable traders at the rate of Rs 11-13 per kg, tomatoes at Rs 8-10 per kg. The price of cucumber has also increased to Rs 5-7 per kg. Chilli tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables from Bakavand and Tokamal have started coming to the capital Raipur, industrial city Bhilai, Nagpur in Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh cities of Telangana state without any disruption. So far, about 3000 metric tons of chillies, 500 metric tons of tomatoes and 100 metric tons of cucumber and other vegetables have been supplied from the Bakavand and Tokamal eelake to the markets of the border states including Chhattisgarh state. This has saved the farmers from loss of millions of rupees.