Best Wishes To Palesa Mofele, WIN The Crown: All the best Palesa: President Dr. Mokgweetsi E. K. Masisi

Dear Palesa Molefe, You have done incredibly well: President Masisi of Botswana
The Proud Fant Bakalanga Kewame Mahoko is Sure "Wa re tsamaela jaaka wena Tona. She will bring it home."

Ashok,Internet backed above Fanship "Yess, She will, Love The Brave Heart Palesa, Best Wishes Come Back Botswana With Crown!!! She has done remarkable love and I specially appreicate her  own BUILT World in Internet, Which Is The First Ever Grand Job, She achieved Fans like Whole Universe Following HER!!!!"

Botwana President Dr. Mokgweetsi E. K. Masisi has supported really in unique way, Miss World Botswana Palesa Molefe, May no one get such magnitude of national appreciation


Dear Palesa Molefe 
You have done incredibly well.
You have been a true ambassador of our culture. You have united our nation, and uplifted our spirits amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and other various social and economic hardships. Ngwanaka, ke a go leboga go menagane mo boemong jwa sechaba sa Botswana ka gobo o re dirile motlotlo mo go kana.
I wish you all the best at the Grand Finale this Thursday, I have all the confidence that you will not only be hoisting the blue, black, and white flag on Friday, it will be with a complementing blue crown on your head. Modimo ke oo.
To the Miss World Organization, I wish to thank you for making our contestant shine through your platform. It is an opportunity whose importance to uplifting our young women we value greatly. I’m looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country. 
Batswana are fully behind you and i know they will keep doing all the needful to ensure that you get that crown. 
#MW21PR #MissWorld #MissBotswana #PushaBW #GoMasisi 

Earlier: Dumelang Betsho. I would like to wish our beauty Queen, Palesa Molefe all the best at the Miss World pageant in 🇵🇷Puerto Rico. The nation is behind you, we are proud and we have all the confidence that you’ll bring the crown home.
Sekgantshwane sa rona se a re tsamaela, so I plead with Batswana to show support and ensure that she wins the Miss World title. Let’s VOTE for her on the MobStar App. Download it:


Tautona. We are so grateful. #PalesaToTheWorld, Bagaetsho, the moment we have all been waiting for is finally here. Our beauty queen, Miss Botswana will compete at the Miss World 2021 stage on Friday at 1.00am, live on BTV. The nation is fully behind you and we are proud of all your achievements this far.  All the best Palesa 🇧🇼
#PalesaToTheWorld #PALESADAY #mw21pr #missworld #MissBotswana #GoMasisi

Minister Dr. Lems Kwape also has extended His Best Wishes with A Public Notice Official Letter: Go tlaa nna Mnate! Mekento kento Hela! Are iseng marudi Bosele. #buildingbackbettertogetherandforward #HopeAlive #Flying_The_Flag


Check 2021 Miss World Botswana Palesa Molefe Latest Happenings Just Before The Grand Finale Commencement:


Sponsor Appreciation. Thank you Mogwana traditional song and dance group for sponsoring our Queen's dances of the world outfit and Gaolape Basuhi for her cultural mentorship. Please let's give them some love.. #PalesaToTheWorld #MissWorld #MissBotswana #mw2021pr


Bagaetsho BTV e le tsamaetse. We are proud to announce that the Miss World Finale will be Broadcast LIVE on BTV at 0100hrs Friday morning (we are 6 hours ahead of Puerto Rico, thus in PR it will still be Thursday at 7pm) Re a leboga BTV #PalesaToTheWorld #MW21PR #MissWorld #MissBotswana