Botswana Ministers Mpho Balopi and Dr. Lems Kwape Appeals To VOTE Miss World Botswana 2021 Palesa Molefe

Mon, Dec 06, Rio Grande, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Gaborone, Botswana: Botswana Minister Mpho Balopi of Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development issued very supportive and strong appeal saying"OTE MISS BOTSWANA Palesa’s doing a sterling job at Miss World." Minister Dr. Lems Kwape of International Affairs and Cooperation also supports "Go get it Girl! BATSWANA ARE 101% BEHIND YOU." in Facebook post using hashtags #WEGOTYOURBACK #FLYING_THE_FLAG. Miss World Botswana 2021 Palesa Molefe is very strong contender to this years crown with extraordinary performance and Online Fans Support.

Earlier Miss Molefe the lucky girl already had - The nation is behind you: President Mokgweetsi E. K. Masisi, @ Appeal on VOTE for Palesa Molefe Miss World @ MobStar

Talent Show Finals already completed and the TOP 10 Announcement are just in queue. As of now tune for "Today Miss World Top Model Fashion Show, Contestants To Shine in NATIONAL COSTUME @ The Fast Track Event!!!."

Our Queen will today be competing at the Miss World Top Model Fashion Show. This is also a fast track event.
Let’s wish her well.
She will be wearing her NATIONAL COSTUME. This costume is also judged and if it wins, the designer gets a prize.
(The pic is a teaser sketch of the gown. We will post the gown on the Queen tomorrow)
Designed by Mumsy Oremeng Of Versatile Creations, The Gown is a 3 peice outfit of; A boob-tube top made of leather, with a traditional Botswana inspired short leather skirt and an oversized cape, with an overlapping shoulder detail. 
The inspiration of the gown is based upon  women not only being care givers at family level, but rather being national builders. 
Their impact on  the growth of the economy, the strength they possess and their ability to turn dreams into reality.
#MW21PR #MissWorld 
UPDATE: Miss World has informed us that the show will be made available on YouTube, as a delayed broadcast. Hopefully by tomorrow.