Caroline Teixeira CROWNS Leticia Frota Miss World Brazil 2022

Caroline Teixeira Miss Brasil Mundo 2021 has just crowned The WINNER Miss Amazonas Mundo 2022, Leticia Frota Miss World Brazil 2022 Today on Thu, Aug 4, 2022 streamed LIVE from Brasília Palace Hotel, Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil. Watch The Crowning Moment & Full Show Here!!!

Leticia Frota Miss World Brazil 2022 will represent her nation Brazil at the upcoming Miss World 2022!!! She was Miss Manaus too.


Preliminary with Traje Típico, this is a moment when we can choose a striking act that represents our state or region and show a little bit of our culture and traditions. And I chose with great affection to present Sinhazinha da Fazenda, who is one of the traditional figures of the Boi Bumbá de Parintins, she is the daughter of the owner of the farm, a beautiful girl who parades with grace and joy. Sinhazinha is always one of the highlights of the famous presentation of the Amazon Folklore Festival

From Manaus, Brazil: For us women: May you never forget the strength you have inside you. May you never doubt your ability and the results you can have. You can conquer everything you want. So go, fight, persist, follow your dreams, face all necessary barriers, trust God and be proud of your journey.

Today, I make this post with a photo of a day that has great meaning for me, where I lived a unique experience that was a watershed. One day I ended a cycle of preparation for Miss Amazonas. And I started a new one, of intense preparation until Miss Brazil. I am grateful for this moment, for God allowed me to live such wonderful things. For strengthening and empowering me daily. And of course, difficulties and trials abound, but they come precisely to TEST OUR FAITH AND WILL. Regardless of what happens, keep doing what you believe and what God tells you to do.


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