Chhattisgarh taking care of Inmates, CM reviews in Video Meeting

Bhupesh Baghel is careful about Chhattisgarh Jail Inmates and Order several measures in Video Conferencing
Chief Minister talks with jail inmates through video conferencing: Know about other arrangements including Corona infection prevention measures
Strict observance of precautions like social distancing, use of masks and hand washing

Instructions for arrangement of sanitizer and thermal screener at the entrance of all jails

Jail officials and employees maintain social distance from outsiders

    Raipur, 07 April 2020 Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel today held a video conferencing conversation with the detainees and jail officials in the state jails from his residence office and inquired about other arrangements including prevention of corona infection.
The Chief Minister interacted with the officers and prisoners of the five Central Jails, District and Sub Jails of the state including the Central Jail in the capital Raipur.
The Chief Minister has asked to ensure strict observance of precautions like use of social distancing mask in the jail and frequent hand washing.
On this occasion, Home and Jail Minister Mr. Tamradhwaj Sahu and Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister Mr. Subrata Sahu also participated in the video conferencing.
    Chief Minister Mr. Baghel has been continuously talking about the situation through video conferencing to prevent the infection of Corona virus (Kovid-19).
The Chief Minister today took stock of the situation of the prisoners lodged and under consideration in the jails. He inquired from the authorities about the cleanliness in the jails, health of the prisoners, food system, meeting the prisoners, healthy entertainment, release of prisoners and release of prisoners and small scale industries operating in the jails. The Chief Minister said during discussions with officials and prisoners of various jails that the transition of Kovid-19 is a global disaster.
It protects everyone in defense. Mr. Baghel asked the officers and employees working in the jail to maintain social distance from outside people. He said that measures to prevent infection should be strictly implemented. It is known that there are five Central Jails, 12 District Jails and 16 Sub Jails in the state. The total residential capacity of the jails is 12 thousand 823. Against this, 17 thousand 131 detainees (punished 8151 and 8980 under consideration) as on 1 April 2020 should be against.
    Chief Minister Mr. Baghel instructed to conduct preliminary screening of detainees and provide all necessary health facilities to prevent infection of corona virus in the jailed prisoners. He said that the prisoners of the new arrivals should be kept in separate wards for the prescribed time. In the video conferencing, the officials said that regular sanitation and hygiene have been strengthened in the prison premises and wards to prevent the infection of corona virus in the jails. Along with this, all the detainees have been provided with masks and extra soap for cleanliness as per requirement and they have been directed to maintain personal hygiene.
    Chief Minister Mr. Baghel also inquired about the food arrangements of the prisoners, meeting arrangements and healthy entertainment etc. Officials said that fresh and hot food is being given to all the prisoners in the jail as per rules. Vegetables are also being given every day. So that their immune system remains strong. The meeting of prisoners in jails with their families has been banned from 14 March 2020. In such a situation, detainees are being negotiated with their relatives through a calling system. Officials said that for the healthy entertainment of the prisoners in the jails of the state, color TV, radio, chess, carrom as well as newspapers and magazines and books of knowledge are also being made available.

    Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel on the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court on the information of the detainees released on 5 April 2020 and the imprisoned detainees in the jails, after the release from jail, the information about training for honorable living and rehabilitation in the Video Conferencing Took through.

As per the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court, a total of 1193 detainees have been released as per the order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court, in which 892 detainees on interim / regular bail and 255 detainees on parole and 46 detainees on completion of sentence have been released. .

Officials said that after the release of the detained prisoners from the jail in various districts of the state, there is work to connect them with the mainstream of the society and to live a respectable life and livelihood in the society.
 In the direction of rehabilitation of prisoners, various types of industries are being trained in jails like iron industry, woodwork, weaving, sewing, powerloom, offset printing machine etc.

Mr. Baghel instructed to maintain social distancing among inmates in jails.