Chief Secretary Amitabh Jain Reviews Flood Control 2021 Measures

Prepare action plans for flood control in all districts: Chief Secretary Shri Jain
Drainage from dams should be reported to the lower districts and border states 12 hours in advance.

Instructions for storage of food in inaccessible areas, purification of drinking water sources, manure-seed system, all necessary arrangements including relief camps

Raipur, 29 May 2021 Chief Secretary Amitabh Jain has instructed the officers to complete all necessary preparations to deal with the natural calamities caused by floods and rains in the state during the upcoming monsoon season. He said that an action plan should be chalked out for flood control in all districts. For taking special care while releasing water from the reservoirs and drainage of the water level of the dams, it is necessary to inform the lower districts and the bordering states 12 hours in advance. Similarly, cleaning of drains in the urban areas should be done before the rain. Provided necessary guidelines for storage of food in inaccessible areas, purification of drinking water sources, disaster control rooms in all the districts, manure-seed system for farmers, adherence to corona protocol in flood relief camps.

     Chief Secretary Shri Jain was addressing a high level committee constituted for flood control in the ministry here today. He said in the meeting that the flood control room should be working for 24 hours. Before June 10, all necessary preparations for flood control should be completed in coordination with the nodal officer of the concerned department in all 28 districts at the district level. He said that action plans for rescue, protection, evacuation in flood affected areas should be prepared by the nodal officers of district level departments along with Panchayat representatives at village level and councilors in urban body areas. Before the monsoon, weakened bridges and culverts in various districts of the state should be identified and their repair work done.

    The Chief Secretary said that all the drains and drains of all the Municipal Corporation and Municipality or Nagar Panchayat should be constantly cleaned. Jarjrr buildings in the urban area should be identified and repaired. In the districts where large rivers flow, the water level of the river should be monitored closely and if there is a possibility of the water level reaching the danger mark, it should be informed to the state level control room. Water level information should be given from time to time by setting up control rooms on large reservoirs. Keeping in view the possibility of infectious diseases in the event of floods, a medical team should be set up in flood affected areas to ensure the provision of necessary life-saving medicines. Similarly, in the event of flood damaged area, arrangements for bamboo and ball should be made in the event of damage to the house.

    In the meeting, Revenue Department Secretary Ms. Rita Shandilya informed that the flood control rooms at the state level would start from June 1 in all the districts and at the state level. Nodal officers have also been appointed for this. He told that through the Damini app, one can protect against lightning. Adequate food items, rice, sugar, salt, kerosene, life saving medicines, etc. are already being stored in inaccessible areas. Currently, 207 shops have been identified in 9 districts for storage of food items. Blitching powder etc. have been arranged to purify drinking water sources. In such areas where floods occur every year, with continuous monitoring, arrangements will be made to take people to safe places and camps etc. for their stay. The officers of the city army were asked to maintain all the relief and rescue equipment. At present, 94 motor boats are available in the state. Accordingly, training is being imparted as per the requirement.
    In the meeting, Additional Chief Secretary Home and Water Resources Shri Subrata Sahu, Principal Secretary Forest Shri Manoj Pingua, Secretary Social Welfare Smt. Reena Baba Saheb Kangale, Secretary Tribal and Tribal Development Department Shri D.D. Singh, Secretary Food Civil Supplies Dr. Kamalpreet Singh, Secretary Urban Administration Smt. Alarmail Mangai D., Secretary Public Works Mr. Siddharth Komal Pardeshi, Secretary Home and Jail Mr. Arun Dev Gautam, Inspector General of Police Raipur Mr. Anand Chhabra and senior officers attended.