Dhamtari Hotels, Restaurants and Sweets Stores Inspected by FDA

Surprise inspection of hotels, restaurants and sweets stores in Dhamtari city and rural areas by Food and Drug Administration Department

Dhamtari 29 July 2021: In view of the rainy season, the Food and Drug Administration Department conducted a surprise inspection of hotels, restaurants and sweets stores in Dhamtari city and rural areas. Along with this, food traders were directed not to use non-edible colors in the manufacture of sweets, not to use newsprint in the distribution of food items and to keep sweets and snacks covered. On Wednesday 28th July, Food Safety Officer Mr. Akshay Kumar Soni and Mr. Phaneshwar Pithora hosted Sinha Hotel at Arjuni, Annapurna Hotel, Swastik Restaurant near Power House, Puneet Bakery at Ratnabandha Gopal Complex, Om Mitshan Bhandar, Dau Hotel, Hatkeshar. Surprise inspections were conducted at Motiram Sahu Hotel near Saheb Swadi Shahanshah and Gupta Hospital and Satyam Hotel and Prashant Raj Hotel located at Potiyadih in rural area.

During the inspection, the inedible colored jalebi was destroyed in Annapurna Hotel of Arjuni. Similarly, the contaminated sugar syrup found in Satyam Hotel at Potiyadih was destroyed and the hotel operator was given a notice to rectify it. During the inspection, moldy trees were found in Prashant Raj Hotel, Potiyadih, which were destroyed on the spot and notice was given for rectification. Similarly, written instructions were also given for improvement in the kitchens of Om Mitthan Bhandar Ratnabandha and Saheb Swadi Shahanshah if adequate cleanliness was not found.