Electoral Roll Schedule for Three-tier Panchayat by-election 2021

Electoral roll preparation program underway: Three-tier Panchayat by-election 2021

Dhamtari 22 July 2021: For the general/bye-elections of three-tier panchayats, a program has been set for preparation of photo electoral rolls with reference to January 01, 2021. According to the information received from the election office, the appointment and training of employees (employees for preparing Aadhar sheet and receiving claim-objection) for preparing the preliminary electoral roll will be done till July 26. The work of obtaining two copies of the updated electoral rolls prepared by the Election Commission of India as on January 01, 2021 from the district election office and dividing them into district panchayat-wise parts will be done by July 29.

Similarly, the district panchayat wise electoral roll will be made available to the registering officer by August 02. In each Gram Panchayat, on the spot matching / verification of the wards included in the initial electoral roll and preparation of Aadhar sheet, necessary amendment in the list will be done by 07 August.

According to the Aadhar sheet of the preliminary electoral roll, the work of preparing and printing the PDF through online software and getting the verification done will be done till August 16. Similarly, the work of rectifying the errors found in the checklist and preparation of Gram Panchayat wise PDF, printing two copies/signing in both the copies by the registering officer and providing both the copies (Electoral Roll) along with the PDF to the District Election Officer. Will be done by August.

The work of handing over the district panchayat-wise preliminary electoral rolls to the contracted clerks for printing by August 21 and the work of receiving the district panchayat-wise printed electoral rolls and making them available to the registration officers by August 24 and sending information regarding the publication of electoral rolls by the district office. The work will be done by August 25.

The publication of public information regarding the electoral roll and the start of the work of receiving claims and objections has been fixed on 28 August and the last date for receiving claims and objections has been fixed till 08 September at 3 pm. The last date for settlement of the claims-objections received and the last date for submission of claims to the Registering Officer/Assistant Registration Officer in Form-A is 16 September and the last date for disposal of the claim received in Form-A1 has been fixed as 22 September.

The last date for appealing against the order of disposal of claims and objections has been fixed within five days of the passing of the disposal order.

Preparation of Gram Panchayat wise supplementary lists and PDF and PDF will be handed over to the District Election Office by October 01 for printing. The linking of the supplementary lists with the original preliminary lists will be done by October 08.

The final publication of the electoral roll will be done by the registering officer on October 12.