The FIRST EVER Crowning, Rachel Stevens Ms Eco Pageants UK 2022

Rachel Stevens Ms Eco Pageants UK 2022 is just crowned Today on Sat, July 16th, 2022 at the Hilton East Midlands Airport Hotel at Grand Finale of The Eco Pageants UK 2022 / Miss Earth Great Britain 2022 as The FIRST EVER Ms Eco Pageants UK!

Rachel Stevens Ms Eco UK 2022 is Miss Flintshire & Miss World Wales Top 5 2021, Founder of Pili Pala Workshops CIC, Self-development workshops for YP and Suicide prevention workshops for professionals @pilipalaworkshops and Writer at UK Cheerleading Blog Recreation & sports website, Number 1🏆cheerleading blog in the UK @cheerfromheadtotoeuk.


WINNER Statement by Rachel Stevens with crowning pictures & video from Hilton East Midlands Airport: What a WHIRLWIND 🌪

Maybe 16 is my new lucky number. 16th June, married. 16th July, crowned. Anyone any plans for 16th August?

I’ve been totally overwhelmed by the messages of support in the lead up to the finals and since I was crowned. I can’t thank you all enough. What a fantastic community to be a part of 🥰

💚 I have so many thank yous, but firstly it has to be @mollymariebuckley_ and the whole @ecopageantsuk team for creating the most inclusive and positive environment for both growth and enjoyment. I feel very much at home.

🌍 To my Eco sister queens, I can’t wait to support you in your unique journeys to internationals. You’re all very much deserving of your titles for different reasons. It’s an absolute pleasure to share this journey with you, @beth.rice_ @marciefit @shereengoesgreen @misssavannah_robyn . To our first runners up, I hope to see you back in pageant land very soon, so proud of both of you @melspageantlife @missemmatwist .

👑 @thecrowncoach Harriotte & Sarah, you have been so encouraging from our very first conversations. I was overwhelmed with your kindness, instilling me with the confidence to take to the stage as my very best self. For that, I can’t thank you enough.

💎 @sparklesandrhinestonesuk thank you for all the information shared on your podcast, in your book and within the charity Masterclass & index cards. I love listening and learning whilst cleaning my kitchen 😂

🥰 @emilyalicenorris - thanks for listening to my rants and tangents and being my own personal stylist. I’m eternally grateful for your endless support.

💖 @kamila_kucharska99 - my own personal cheerleader. You make me smile when I need it the most and I appreciate you so much!

🐶 Ofc @iamcallum93 for keeping me sane, keeping on top of the housework whilst I overwhelm myself with things to do and taking care of the boy in my absence.

💃🏻 To the pageant world and everyone else who has shared messages of encouragement, THANK YOU. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. You have no idea just how much they each mean.

For now, I’m catching up on my sleep. Then, the hard work continues. Can’t wait to share this journey with you all.

Yours truly, Ms Eco Pageants UK 2022

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus - Happy St David’s Day 🌼 Throwback to wearing the Welsh flag with pride at @miss_wales_official , spending today sharing my homemade Welsh cakes with my colleagues in the charity sector. Are you eating pancakes or Welsh cakes today? It’s both for me

My face when they say there are no vegan options left

“Be part of the solution, not part of the pollution” 💚

It can feel overwhelming to start living sustainably. Can one person or one action really make a difference? Check out my 100 Days of Do Good to Feel Good series in my highlights where I have shared quick & simple swaps, facts, meal ideas and films to expand your knowledge & reduce your carbon footprint. Here you’ll feel empowered to take a step or two towards low waste living, and ultimately be part of the ripple effect for change!