Governor in Rajratna Award 2020 Ceremony: A Celebration of Bhonsle Legacy

Bhonsle rulers maintained the best traditions of valor and generosity: Ms. Uikey

Raipur, 14 February 2020 Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uike has said that the Bhonsle rulers had maintained the best traditions of generosity along with bravery. Bhosals had an important contribution in the freedom struggle of the country. Ms. Uike was addressing the Rajaratna Award 2020 ceremony organized by Srimanta Raje Raghuji Maharaj Bhonsle Multipurpose Memorial Foundation and Maharaja of Nagpur Trust in Nagpur today. On this occasion, eight people with outstanding work in various fields were honored with the Rajaratna Award.

The Governor said that it is a good coincidence that Srimanta Raje Raghuji Maharaj's birth anniversary and death anniversary are on 14 February. Such a coincidence is associated only with great people. In his memory, this event is a really good work. He said that Maratha history is a glorious tradition of valor and Bhonsle dynasty is one of its most important links. An expedition sent by Raghuji Bhonsle towards the North East, in which Maratha forces reached Bengal. When an army from the south of Vindhyachal reaches the banks of the Ganges, such an Ashwamedha Yajna-like valor seems rare in Indian history. It was only during Rajendra Chola that an army came from the south which conquered Bengal. Such a famous Maharaja Raghuji Bhonsle during whose time the Maratha borders spread to Cuttack. The dynasties who remained in the front line to resist the East India Company remained Bhonsle.

Recalling the valor of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the Governor said that when the Abyssinian Sardar Mullah Ahmad Nawayat Kha was defeated and his beautiful daughter-in-law was brought to Shivaji as a gift, he said that if my mother was so beautiful then I would do the same Would have been beautiful and were returned with full respect. How many recommendations related to Bhonsle dynasty spread not only in Nagpur, but in the whole country. Examples of his generosity and artistry are still given today. Ms. Uike said that Maratha culture has a great influence in Chhattisgarh. Marathi families also contributed to Chhattisgarh in the freedom struggle. How can we forget Madhavrao Sapre. When CP Brar was one, there was a medical college in Nagpur and boys from Chhattisgarh used to study here. Nagpur became such a big educational cultural center of the country. The traditions established by the Bhonsle rulers play a big role behind this.

The governor said that it is our ancient tradition that whoever does good work is honored. Such events are part of the same tradition. Honoring those who do positive work creates an atmosphere of positivity in the society and motivates people to do good work. He congratulated and congratulated all the respected intellectuals.

On this occasion, Shrimant Raje Raghuji Maharaj Bhonsle, President of Bhosle Foundation, Shrimant Dr. Raje Mudhoji Bhonsle, President of Rajaratna Awards Committee and members of the institute along with dignitaries were present. In the function, Mr. Santosh Deshmukh for journalism, Mr. Shivshahir Baba Saheb Purandare for history literature, Mr. Krishna Prakash for sports, Dr. Tanuja Nafde in cultural field, Mr. Bilas R., a regional cinematographer in journalism. Aglawe, Dr. Sau Sangita Tekade and Kumari Arya Pramod Kalamkar for distinguished work and Kumar Sarvesh Chandrashekhar Peshkar were honored for sports.