Kolang area Kandanar, Mundagarh, Kachiras, Chandameta, Chhindgur Gets Banking Kiosk by Kirana Shop Owner Santosh Varma

Local Grocery Store Owner Santosh Varma's Innovative Mind, Using Odisha Mobile Network from A Heaight To Serve Remote Bastar Villages Population with Banking Services Kios Very Helpful in Government Scheme Benefits

The people of Kolang Jagdalpur area also started getting the facility of banking transactions, Image showing A Bastar Woman in Banking Kiosk in Grocery Shop

Jagdalpur 13 September 2021: Now banking facility is also available through kiosks in village Coleng, situated amidst the mountains of Kanger Valley. Young Santosh Verma, who is doing grocery business here, is now also providing banking related facilities to the villagers of the area through kiosks. Villagers living nearby including Kandanar, Mundagarh, Kachiras, Chandameta, Chhindgur are taking advantage of this banking facility.

Santosh told during the conversation that women self-help groups active in this area need banking transactions. The development block headquarter Darbha is about 28 kms away from here and it was not even connected by a pucca road, which caused a lot of trouble to the women of self-help groups.

When the organization giving guidance to the women of the self-help group thought about the solution to this problem and I was inspired to operate the kiosk here.

When electricity reached here last December, they started providing this service. Now through Kiosk they are providing banking transaction facility to the people of the area. Santosh told that pension scheme and MNREGA workers do a large number of transactions in his place. Earlier pension beneficiaries and MGNREGA workers usually used to visit Darbha to withdraw their account amount.

Due to not having many means of transport, the villagers of the area used to face a lot of problems. Santosh expressed happiness over providing banking facility to the villagers of the area. He informed that the security forces personnel in the area are also getting transaction facility at their kiosks.

In this kiosk, along with the withdrawal of the amount received from schemes like pension and MNREGA, the amount is also being deposited by the villagers in the savings accounts. Santosh said that due to non-availability of good network facility in the area, only kiosks are being operated.

For this, they keep the router of private company very high in the air and are providing this service from the mobile network located in Odisha. They are hopeful that due to the rapid development work in the area, good network facility will be available here soon, so that they will be able to provide other facilities to the residents of the common service center.