Mackenzie Kern's Miss USA Journey @ Tulsa

Casper Mountain and North Platte River City Casper Girl, Owner of Loveleigh Clothing, Mackenzie Kern aka Mackenzie Leigh Kern is CROWNED Miss Wyoming USA 2021 in John F. Welsh Auditorium of Natrona County High School on Saturday, June 19, 2021 at in Casper, commencing the Official Miss USA Journey @ Tulsa. Lets check The 2021 Rhode Island Contestant's Journey to Miss USA Title @ Tulsa in Pictures and Videos.

Miss USA Day 3 @ Tulsa GolfSuites Tulsa Mackenzie Leigh Kern @ "What, like it’s hard ?"

Day two in Tulsa ✨ Dinner was incredible, experiencing the culture of The Muscogee Nation was probably one of the most special experiences I have ever had 🥺 (amazing food by the way, fry bread is my new food of choice) 👀 Also, FUN FACT - @missmtusa & I were delivered by the same doctor 🪄 small world! Today was in fact powered by @swayenergydrink 😩🙏🏼 wait until you see what we have cookin’ up in rehearsal.. #wyomingisreal #missusa #roadtomissusa #usastatepageants #missusa2021 #misswyusa #misswyomingusa #pageantryreimagined

Mackenzie Kern's Miss USA 🇺🇸 day 1 @ Tulsa "Nothing But LOVE!!!"

Mackenzie Kern's Tulsa Departure "See you soon, Tulsa!!!"

Mackenzie Kern @ The Miss USA NIZUC Bootcamp Pre-Preparation Session Sept 17-20, 2021

Seeing yourself on @enews is a different kind of insane 🥺🙏🏼✨ Thank you to everyone that made this possible, it’s real & I am ready, have been my whole life. LET’S MAKE HISTORY!
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i wake up & count my blessings 🧡 this was right after a double dip in the ice bath, i didn’t think i could do it - if you know me you know i hate the cold, but i wanted to see how mentally tough i was & i was able to go both rounds, full time (8 minutes total) with @misssdusa (my room mama, miss shea, thought i would get out lol) ☺️✨do something to challenge yourself, even when in paradise!
#missusa #PageantryReimagined #MySeneLook #SashesandSenegence #NIZUCresort #crownsincancun #paradiseispersonal #Dreamingofnizuc #USAstatepageants

Mackenzie Kern Miss Wyoming USA 2021 On Arrival @ Tulsa Resort Registration and Fitting

Check Lexi Revelli Miss Wyoming USA picture who attends registration and fittings upon arriving to The Guest House at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee on Monday, November 2. The Miss USA contestants were filming, rehearsing and preparing to compete for the Miss USA crown at iconic Graceland. The Whole World Tuned in to the 2020 MISS USA® Competition at 8pm EST on November 9, live on FYI from Graceland to see who became the next Miss USA @ The Miss Universe Organization.

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