Miss Maine USA 2023 Grand Finale Today on Nov 20th, 2022: Last Day To Vote Online

Result WINNER: Juliana Morehouse Miss Maine USA 2023

Lauren Headley 1st Runner-up Miss Maine USA 2023
Natalie Swift 2nd Runner-up Miss Maine USA 2023
Mara Carpenter 3rd Runner-up Miss Maine USA 2023
Vanesa Pelletier 4th Runner-up Miss Maine USA 2023

TOP 5 Miss Maine Teen USA 2023

Lauren Headley
Juliana Morehouse
Vanesa Pelletier
Mara Carpenter
Natalie Swift

TOP 8 Miss Maine Teen USA 2023

  1. Jennie Daley
  2. Lauren Headley
  3. Elizabeth Robbins
  4. Natalie Swift
  5. Ayia Aribi
  6. Joana Mulumba
  7. Daniela Aryaie
  8. Vanesa Pelletier
  9. Juliana Morehouse
  10. Rachael Griswold
  11. Mara Carpenter

Today is Last Date to Support Miss Maine USA 2023 Contestant who is your favorite, there is no limit on voting to advance to Semifinals, The Deadline is 12:00 PM on Sun, Nov 20th, 2022. Logon now for Miss Vote Casting at Miss URL https://missmaineusa.com/miss-contestants and Teen URL https://missmaineusa.com/teen-contestants with headshots.

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2022 Miss Maine USA Elizabeth Kervin will crown her successor Miss Maine USA 2023, the winner in 18 contesntas at the end of grand finale on Sun, Nov 2022 to start at 3:00PM EST in Portland Sheraton at Sable Oaks, South Portland Maine.

The Coronation on Final Night is hosted by Sal Malafronte The Master Stylist and the Artistic Director at Salon Mario Russo in Boston along with New Personality Jackie Bruno, CEO of Newsmaker Marketing, anchor and reporter with NECN and NBC 10 Boston.

The Preliminary Round of Miss Maine USA 2023 Competition is scheduled on Sat, Nov 19, 2022 at 7:00PM EST. The LIVE Streaming is available at Pageantslive.com. Interested in more? Check The Video Bundle Page for your option to get 2023 Miss Maine USA and Miss Maine Teen USA Recorded Video Packages.

In-person Tickets are available at https://missmaineusa.com to witness live the special 2023 crowning moments.

Portland Sheraton at Sable Oaks The 3-star Hotel is Official Stay for soothing weekend in South Portland Maine for 2-Day Miss & Teen Maine 2023 Competitions on Sat, 19 and Sun, 20th, 2022.

My last night as Miss Maine USA: Elizabeth Kervin Miss Maine USA 2022
Its Morning in Portland, Elizabeth is recalling her past night and shares Queen with Crown in Picture detailing her Sign-off Emotions "Tonight is a bittersweet moment. I am so sad to say goodbye, but I can not wait to see who will be next to embark on this incredible life changing year." She has to say more, adds "All of the emotions are finally starting to hit and while I may be sad in some ways to say a goodbye, I can’t help but be so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for the year I have had. I have been able to make some of the most amazing connections, work with impactful charities, and explore my community in new ways throughout my reign. I am forever thankful to my @clementeorganization family for this opportunity and all of the love they gave me"

2021 Miss Maine USA, Portland’s VeronicaIris Bates crowned Winterport’s Elizabeth Kervin Miss Maine USA 2022 in Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks in Portland on Sun, Mar 20, 2022.
2020 Miss Maine USA, Old Town’s Julia Van Steenberghe crowned United States Air Force Member VeronicaIris Bates Miss Maine USA 2021 in Portland Marriott at Sable Oaks in Portland on Sun, Jun 20, 2021.
VeronicaIris was Shortest reigning Miss Maine USA while Julia enjoyed Longest reigning period as Miss Maine USA 2020.
Maine is vying for it’s second Miss USA Crown to come home after New Gloucester’s Katie Whittier 4th Runner-up Miss USA 2010 and Miss Maine USA 2010.

Check 18 Contestants Vying for Miss Maine USA 2023 Crown

  1. Georgia Gardiner Miss Aroostook County USA 2023
  2. Elizabeth Robbins Miss Bangor USA 2023
  3. Maranda Burgess Miss Bath USA 2023
  4. Natalie Swift Miss Bradley USA 2023
  5. Natalie Swift Quantity Miss Bradley USA 2023
  6. Juliana Morehouse Miss Casco Bay USA 2023
  7. Daniela Aryaie Miss Cumberland County USA 2023
  8. Katie Hodgdon Miss Dirigo USA 2023
  9. Jennie Daley Miss Downeast USA 2023
  10. Vanesa Pelletier Miss Fort Kent USA 2023
  11. Ayia Aribi Miss Hiram USA 2023
  12. Rachael Griswold Miss Kennebec County USA 2023
  13. Joana Mulumba Miss Lewiston USA 2023
  14. Mara Carpenter Miss Penobscot County USA 2023
  15. Erin Schott Miss Portland USA 2023
  16. Jessica L'Hommedieu Miss South Portland USA 2023
  17. Lauren Headley Miss Van Buren USA 2023
  18. Jordan Morris Miss York Beach USA 2023

Image: Elizabeth Kervin Miss Maine USA 2022 is seen in Miss USA 2022 class retreat at the beautiful Nizuc resort and spa in Cancun, Check Here,